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Monday, April 19, 2010

!To All Yunho Fans….Please READ! 100413

Hello All Yunho’s Fans,
This message is to inform you of the following:
As of today (April 13th, 2010), S.M. Entertainment in Korea, the company to which U-Know Yunho belongs, has officially:
A. raised an objection against the court decision (October 27th, 2009) to partly uphold an injunction filed by the three members (Xiah, Hero, Micky) in attempt to nullify their exclusive contract with S.M. Entertainment
B. filed a lawsuit to prove the existence of an exclusive contract between S.M. Entertainment and five members of TVXQ
All of us know Yunho has nothing to do with this lawsuit OR before/aftermath from the court decision in last October, as this legal battle is strictly between S.M. Entertainment and the three members.
Yet it has been disheartening to see this fandom pointing a finger at Yunho and putting all the blame on him since the beginning of this affair, not to mention creating, fabricating, and spreading ruthless and disrespectful rumors that were despicable almost to the point of slander and libel.
We, Yunho’ Space, as fans who support Yunho, will not any of the past heartless attacks against Yunho happen this time and proclaim to stand by him until all the issues are resolved and the court case settled.

If any of you see any evidence on the Internet that falsely tries to put blame on Yunho for this matter or stir up rumor and the like, please notify to yunhospace@gmail.com
Also I ask of you to please be proactive in defending Yunho as much as you can in cyberspace, as we will not, again, let this case deceitfully ruin or taint Yunho’s reputation as a talented music artist and a faithful young man in his mid 20’s with respectable integrity.
Until all is settled and set in stone, Yunho’ Space will be running under the state of emergency.
We very much appreciate your cooperation and continued support for Yunho.
东方神起メンバー3人の仮 処分决定に対し异议を申し立て、
事実上、ユンホ本人はこ の诉讼とは何の関系もない立场であるはずなのですが、
根拠の乏しいデマや忆测、ユンホに対する非难が 様々なところで飞び交っているのが现状です。
もうこれ以上、今回の一连の诉讼とは全く関 系のないユンホに対する如何なる攻撃も许しません。
何の根拠もなく、ただユンホを责め たり、非难している书き込みなどを见かけた方は、
透かさずキャプチャー・保存し、空间(コンガン) メール (yunhospace@gmail.com)までにお知らせください。
ま た、そのような根拠なき诽谤、中伤に対して积极的な反论をお愿いいたします。
全てのことが终わり、 状况が落ち着くまで空间(コンガン)は非常体制で运営されます。
空 间 ::Yunho is Everythingはチョン・ユンホの全ての立场を尊重し、支持しています。
4월 13일 긴급공지입니다.
아시다시피 4월 13일 윤호님의 소속사인 SM엔터테인먼트(이하 SM)는
동방신기 3인 가처분 결정에 대한 이의신청 및 전속계약 존재확인 등에 관한 본안 소송 제기했습니다.
윤호님은 소송과 아무런 관련도 없는 입장이지만 지금껏 팬덤 내의 분위기는 그렇지 않았고
어김없이 여기저기에서 근거를 알 수 없는 루머와 추측글, 비판글이 난무하는 것으로 알고 있습니다.
소송과 아무런 관계가 없는 윤호님에 대한 어떠한 공격도 두고보지 않겠습니다.
이와 관련한 글을 보신 분들은 즉시 캡쳐하여 공간 메일(yunhospace@gmail.com)으로 신고 부탁드립니다.
또한 근거없는 비방, 루머글에 대한 적극적인 반박을 펼쳐주시길 부탁드립니다.
모든 것이 잠잠해지기까지 공간은 비상체제로 운영될 것입니다.
공 간::Yunho is Everything은 정윤호의 모든 입장을 존중하고 지지합니다.
如果看到同上所说内容关联的文章的话拜托各位把这些文章转发到 yunhospace@gmail.com 。
空间:Yunho is Everything 将会尊重和支持郑允浩的所有立场。
Source: [YunhoSpace, Yunho is Everything]

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