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Thursday, April 29, 2010

!2PM to be 'World CF Stars'

2PM rules CF market

2PM who recently releases a single album has sealed new CF contracts with 3 products including It's Skin (cosmetics), Calvin Klein (Clothing) and DK (beverage). Also there are 5 more products that are under negotiations.

An executive in CF market said "2PM is being paid at least 500 million won for 6 months of contract. They've earned about 3 billion won after they released the single in this month"
2PM has ruled over CF market starting from late last year when they release their first full album "Heartbeat". They endorsed 9 products such as mobile phone (Anycall), snacks  (Market O), beverage (Coca Cola), clothing (Spris), liquor (Cass Beer), bakery (Paris Baguette) and cosmetics (It's Skin). An insider happily made a complaint "There is no more kind of product that can be added."

They also endorsed for products from overseas. Nichkhun has been appearing as motocycle model last year in october and 2PM also endorsed a snack brand from Thailand. 2 and 3 more foreign products are also aiming them to be their models.

2PM just released its third single "Don't Stop Can't Stop" with new upbeat dance song like "Without U" on April 19th.

Source:  News.Han|Kor-Eng summary by Jas @2pmalways.com | edited by Offogato @2pmalways.com | Same translated article (more complete) by 49.8 bananas @ w2d

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