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Thursday, April 29, 2010

!Seki Yoshihiro & Toho Staff’s Twitter – “We received more than 1 million applications for tickets” 100429

From Seki Yoshihiko’s Twitter:
Q: Sorry for asking this when you’re busy. Please tell me one thing.Was TOHOSHINKISTAFF (Tohoshinki Team)’s account created by your staff?
A: Yes it was.
I know that there are a lot of fans who didn’t get good results for tickets to the trio’s live. We received more than 1 million applications for tickets. We are terribly sorry, but we really hope that you will understand.

From Tohoshinki Staff’s Twitter:
This time we received a lot of applications for tickets to JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME. We are terribly sorry to the fans whose results did not come out as expected. We are earnestly under consideration of finding a way so that everyone will be able to watch the live in another form*.
*Referred to theater showing, DVDs, etc.
Source: Seki Yoshihiro’s Twitter + Tohoshinki Staff’s Twitter
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Max Matsuura’s Twitter Updates  100429
A: Everyone is so kind, so I will go to sleep! Good night………
Q: Mr. Matsuura, you must be tired. Very tired. The hardships of the CEO should be beyond imagination. What we can do is only cheer for you. So I will support you always. And thank you always for your great efforts.
A: The job as a CEO should be such. I’m OK.
Q: Before accepting new applicants, please inform us of the information for refund (T/N: of the Bigeast). You previously said that you would announce the details by the end of this month. It may be necessary to receive new members, but please take care of us, the current members, too.
A: I am sorry that we are being a little bit late.
A: Let me say it again.. The time (T/N: when the news of the fan event was announced), we did not know of the future of Bigeast. And we did not know if we can say Bigeast, because this is not an event for the 5. It was a complicated time, and we had to cancel the fan meeting, so we gave the Bigeasts the first priority.
Q: Bigeast is not accepting new members, so those who are not members cannot get tickets. I am a fan from before their Japan debut…I went to their event years ago… So sad~
A: We will accept new members soon, so please wait awhile.
A: The time (T/N: when the news of the fan event was announced), we did not know of the future of Bigeast. And we did not know if we can say Bigeast, because this is not an event for the 5. It was a complicated time, and we had to cancel the fan meeting (T/N: scheduled to be held in Jan). Can you understand that we are not ignoring those who are not Bigeasts?
Q: Isn’t that against the fan club’s data terms?
A: No, since we are controlling the personal information as in the terms, as avexgroup.
Q: a-ticket has obtained member information from the Bigeast, and referred the data with their member information.
A: We were not able to apply through Bigeast, then, why do you know you chose from the Bigeasts?
A: I may have kept quiet, but I could not do so.
A: Please ask @TOHOSHINKISTAFF for details.
A: I am not asking all of you to understand our efforts and risks in order to hold this live…
Q: For Tohoshinki tickets, this is happening every time… There are so many in the auctions. Please do something (sobs)
A: We cannot do anything, that’s why we are in trouble.
Q: You are always saying that your feelings are the same as the fans. So you should understand our fans’ impatient and heartbreaking feelings..
A: If I do not understand, I would not have come out in this place.
A: The 90% of the total ticket sales.
Q: Maybe the fans will understand if they hear the 90% story… I recently became a fan…I could not become a Bigeast. Please accept new members.
A: We are discussing the matter over. Please wait awhile.
Q: I do not think things will straighten up by just writing “Please do not resell”. If you could not put restrictions, are you saying that pure fans can only sit and watch the whole situation?
A: There is no legal binding force.
A: Don’t you trust me…I am answering to all of your questions, which I could have ignored…
A: I’ve heard that 90% of the tickets were for Bigeasts.
A: We have checked with the Bigeast office.
Q: So, are you saying that there are resellers even in Bigeasts?
A: Yes..sad to say, but we guess so.
A: I’ve heard that 90% of the tickets were for Bigeasts.
A: We have checked (T/N: the ticket applicants) with our Bigeast list.
Q: So, are you saying that some of the Bigeasts are resellers?
A: Sad to say… I think some are resellers.
A: I am not talking only about the advanced ticket reservation, but in total, the 90% of the ticket distribution is for Bigeasts.
A: The set is planned for the dome, so it is difficult to perform in other places.
Q: You are saying that you want to have additional concerts, but there is no place…
A: I am thinking about using the Ustream.
A: If I can limit the Yahoo auction, I would have done well in advance……
A: This time, the 90% of the tickets were for Bigeasts.
A: This time, 90% for Bigeasts..
A: I want to have additional concerts, but there is no place.
A: I am not involved in details of the ticket sales, but I’ve checked with the related sections.
T/N: Excuse me for writing directly into the article. The ticket results for the dome event in June was announced yesterday. Many of the Bigeasts lost the lot, but, on the other hand, there were hundred of tickets in the auction sites. We, the true Bigeasts were very depressed by the situation, thus, great numbers of messages were sent directly to max’s twitter.
Source: max twitter
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


The Results of the Dome Event Ticket Lottery

An Article from a Japanese Blog
We cannot accept the situation
2010-04-28 15:16:46
The results of the ticket lottery were out, how was the results?
(few sentences omitted)
Immediately after the results were announced on 13:00, the Yahoo auction was an uproar…
We knew that this will happen…
Because, this time, everyone who has registered in the a-ticket can obtain the tickets…
(T/N: There were no special reservation chances for Bigeast members in advance for this event.)
Please check here.
Yahoo Auction
(T/N: Hope you see prices of the tickets…the immediate purchase price is 100000yen, approx 1080 USD per ticket.)
If you look in carefully, some of the names are the same.
They should be professional traders.
They should have applied, using many names of their friends.
The price should go up, higher up, to the top.
Ticket Ryutsu is worse.
Everytime I go there, the numbers of tickets on sale increases.
100000yen (1080USD) per ticket? 150000yen (1630USD)?
And many are already under negotiation.
Ticket Ryutsu Center
(T/N: There are 276 cases for the dome event auction on the timing I am translating this article)
They should not have sold the ticket at a-ticket.
I could not understand what avex is thinking.
The “Thanksgiving Live” should be for the true fans.
What is the meaning of the Bigeast fan club?
(few sentences omitted)
Do you know?
Not only professional agents but also the students participate in the tickets auctions in order to increase their pocket money nowadays.
I once met a person that became a member of the Bigeast for such reasons, since they know that Tohoshinki tickets can be sold at high prices.
I was surprised that the mother (of the girl) was recommending the auction to her daughter, saying that
“It is better than to gain money from morally questionable places.”
I complained to her, using many words.
But she did not understand me.
Do you think it is right for the parents to agree on such methods?
I am so sorry that this day should come.
I heard that this time, the lottery rate for this dome event was 40 to 50 times.
CEO Max was saying in his twitter that there were more than 1 million applicants ~(@_@;)
What is the meaning of “Thanksgiving”, if those who really want to go could not go.
I know that the 3 members are not wishing for this situation.
avex! Please think a little bit more.
There are alternates between joy and grief for the ticket lottery, I sincerely hope that there will be no unsightly arguments…
Source: MY TREASURE (romi’s blog)
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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