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Thursday, April 29, 2010

!Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung on a bicycle date

Actor Gong Yoo and actress Lee Min Jung well known for their roles in drama such as Coffee Prince and Boys over Flowers respectively showed a beautiful pictorial as the two played off as a couple enjoying a bicycle date for Mind Bridge.
With the filming concept of “chic city boy and girl bicycle date,” the two fashionistas successfully showed off clothing brand Mind Bridge’s casual wear quality to a full 100% extent. Gong Yoo especially appeared perfect wearing a checkered shirt while Lee Min Jung matched well with a couple look.

A Mind Bridge affiliated individual commented, “Because the clothing is made of stretch material it provides comfort and activeness, and it doesn’t look awkward at business meetings after you get off from the bicycle. This is the fashion code trend for chic city people.”
Meanwhile, both celebrities spent 8 hours filming for this bicycle date concept and rode on the bicycle over 100 times. However, neither Gong Yoo nor Lee Min Jung appeared tired and received compliments from staff saying that “Pros are definitely pro’s. They’re professionals for a reason.”

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