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Monday, April 19, 2010

!Daily (talks) News

  Nichkhun just post a photo (game) with message in his twitter, "Can you tell which one of these is different?" ...Ummm quite difficult, haha... I'm kidding.
 There is a message in UFO says that single 'Without U' will be released tomorrow 10 am. (Korean time) Stay tuned at  2pmalways, we will post as soon as we found it.

Today the boys had lunch with a few number of fans who gathered stamps from going to music shows the most. Fans post questions to the boys and they revealed that they knew everything that's spread on the internet about them. They knew about the news that Khun was left out. They said it was funny still it hurts.

Junho asked the fan why they like 2pm whereas everybody around them hate 2pm. The fan rejected his comment insisting that there are lots of fans who are still with them. 2pm boys said Thank you back to her.

Khun asked one of the fan if her mother is ok with her following around 2pm. The girl said it was ok. ^^

Wooyong went to Seung Seung Jang Goo recording yesterday. The guest is comedian Park Myung Soo with surprised guests; Haha and Gil. Haha just finished his millitary services. He praised Wooyong that he watched TV while he was in millitary camp and feels that Wooyong would have a good future in entertainment industry from his unique skill. The recording was finished around 3 am Korean time.

During their live chat with fans, the Wonder Girls announced that they plan to perform in more locations around the US and will have several stops in Canada as well. Hawaii (2 shows), Vancouver, Seattle, San Jose, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Connecticut, New Jersey, Philadelphia , Virginia, Tampa, Orlando, Miami. However, time and date has not been set yet. However, 2PM only confirmed to join the tour only the first 9 cities which had been announced previously, More info is here
Wild2day.org is going under major maintenance for a couple of days. For the time being you can get latest updates and translations via their tumblr  http://wild2day.tumblr.com/  . 

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