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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

!SNSD’s Taeyeon couldn’t handle Gee’s cute concept

While it has been revealed that SNSD’s Seohyun might possibly have a crush on Jung Yong Hwa, it was also revealed that Taeyeon had a hard time adjusting to the cute image that came with their hit song Gee.
On KBS Win Win, Taeyeon revealed, “It was hard for me to digest the cute concept as a 19-year-old when promoting Gee, because I thought it didn’t match me. I had thoughts of needing to show fans a different side of me, rather than the cute concept we always had. However, I saw the other members trying hard, and came to reflect on my immature thoughts.

To this, fellow member Yuri responded, “Being asked to sing in a voice that sounds like a rolling marble across when I have a husky voice was stressful.”
It’s good that Taeyeon decided to change her mind because Gee became a turning point in SNSD’s music career and has allowed them to reach where they are today. Isn’t ironic that Taeyeon, arguably the most adorable member of SNSD, couldn’t handle the \\\
\\\\\cute and innocent concept of Gee?
For this episode, which will air on the 20th, Taeyeon stepped down as the MC and participated in the show with her fellow SNSD members

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