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Friday, April 30, 2010

!‘Female Outsider’ E.via is hot issue with new MV ‘Shake’!

Uljjang rapper E.via is the hot issue. With the MV to her new song ‘Shake’ revealed on 29th April, it had gone up to the #1 spot with great interests coming from fans and netizens.
A GomTV official said after the MV is released, “This is the fastest record any solo female singer can get to the #1 spot with her new MV ever.” This is a feat especially since that now is the time where idols like T-ara, After School, 2PM etc are active.

But there has been much criticisms about the closeup on the skimpy outfits of the models in the MV and revealing of too much skin. Many also thought that the MV was too explicit. Though some netizens think that the scenes are no big problem, E.via’s company is currently editing the MV and is even considering refilming the MV.

E.via’s company’s stand initially was that, “We didn’t know that the MV will cause a problem since the song is a fast club tune and the concept goes well with it.”
Meanwhile, with her comeback, E.via has been given the nickname of a ‘female Outsider’ with her speedy rapping skills (She is said to have gone over BPM160 for her rap in the song).

S: TodayKorea, TVReport ll c:k bites

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