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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

!SungKyunKwan Scandal Casting Team: “Yoochun has rejected a lot of drama productions in the past” 100418

Some revelations from the casting team of SungKyunkwan Scandal.
The reason behind Micky Yoochun casting for Sung Kyoon Kwan Scandal from the head of casting team
After the production decision of based-on original novel “Sungkyoonkwan yoosengdeulenanal’ drama was announced, it attached lots of attention . Right now, It is in the process of making decision for the cast and crew after finishing reading synopsis.

Now it seem like we revealed about the cast this soon.
Among all of them, Micky Yoochun really has the image that fits the role of Lee Sunjoon (Main Character) in all aspects so we casted him. Actually, for the pass time, he got so many offers from famous drama production but he rejected every of them.
The reason was he was already too busy to work as Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Apparently, all the offers for drama casting that were made and rejected actually were done by his agency more than himself.
Even he wanted to do acting but he had no chance at all.
Right now , It’s the time he has freedom to do any activities.
Right now, it seems like the right time for him to think about it and we heard he maybe has time to prepare for drama too so we offered casting opportunity to him and finally he decided to accept to cast for Lee SunJoon for Sung Kyoon Kwan Scandal.
Micky Yoochun has lots of passion for acting and for music too.
Actually, at first he hesitated about casting.
He doesn’t have confidence about it at all even he is so successful with his singer career. He said he doesn’t have self-confidence about acting , his acting skill is still not good and he’s really scared of going in to acting field.
I never think that someone from so popular group like TVXQ will have this kind of thought and I really admire to see him so humble and have good posture.
He will definitely absorb his role as LeeSunJoon magnificantly.
He has a secret prepare for this gradually. His fan just found out some time ago.
All of the role will be revealed after this.
The filming will start around May. Please look forward to it.
Credits: [head casting team cyworld + naver]
Shared by: [khiddy@soompi+OneTVXQ.com]

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