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Monday, April 19, 2010

![NEWS] What’s wrong with looking old? Popularity of idol ‘older face’ rises

There were those days that when you were an idol, you should be a ‘DongAhn’ (younger face) recognized for your clean and perfect skin. However, with the trends changing, there are more and more idols are being recognized for their ‘NoAhn’ (older face).
First of all, 2PM?s ChanSung, born in 1990, with an upcoming comeback scheduled, has been recognized as an ‘NoAhn’ for a while. Also, 2PM’s hyung, JunSu, came out on KBS and exposed, “I think ChanSung was older than me. I even thought I should be nicer to him.”

GO, who is Rain’s apprentice, is chosen as an ‘NoAhn’ face. He is even referred to as ‘Hairy GO’ with his chest hair, mustache, nose hair, and he even shows off the older image unlike someone born in 1987.
However, recently GO stated on a recent radio program, “I will shave for the next come back,” rising a lot of attention that he will rise as the young face star. Fans also stated, “We are sad that we won’t be able to see the ‘dangerous’ side of GO anymore,” and “Hairy GO,” hoping that he wouldn’t cut the mustache off.
But, this doesn’t excuse female idols. Born in 1988, After School’s Bekah caused attention from the start with people questioning “Is she really the youngest?” Bekah was born in Hawaii and, despite her older face, she shows off her foreign look. And because of this, it helped her looked older.
KARA’s GyuRi had also been chosen an older face among the netizens. Born in 1988, GyuRi’s has the beauty to be called a ‘Goddess’, but because KARA members have such a young face, the oldest, GyuRi, happened to looks like she has the older face. Netizens stated, “She looks older because her face is long. However, I agree she is beautiful.”
Meanwhile, for idol younger faces, KARA’s Han SeungYeon, SHinee’s Onew, After School’s GaHee, and 2NE1’s Sandara Park was chosen.

Source: The Union Press
Translation: aoistars @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
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