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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

!Arena C 37 Special – May 2010 Issue

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On 17 February, Tohoshinki released their first best album [BEST SELECTION 2010] very successfully. As such, they decided to release another single!! [時ヲ止メテ] became the CF song for [Menard TVCM 2009]. Also recorded in the single is Yunho’s solo [CHECKMATE] which was performed at their Live concerts. It is truly a plentiful single.

Tohoshinki recently released their 30th single [時ヲ止メテ]. In the song [時ヲ止メテ], from their low voices until their bright and clear voices, it has an extremely melodious tune… perhaps we are listening to voices that are different from the past. As they sing about “a love that has ended”, it is a song that is full of emotions that are passionate and filled with hurt.
When they sing “Stop time, I want to always be by your side,” it’s as if they are depicting a scene from a movie or TV drama and displays a continuing passion. While filming the PV, they received high compliments as they grew throughout the years and demonstrated the power and ability that belongs only to adults.
Before releasing this single, on 17 March, [TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION -THE ONE-], which encompasses 26 PVs ranging from their debut single [STAY WITH ME TONIGHT] to [BREAK OUT!], was released. By watching these footage, one can see their growth and feel the performance ability of an adult. Taking for example dancing, the correct moves are executed and everyone’s character and performance ability are perfectly in sync with the song’s story. Every song is sure to make one feel the strength of their ability. While enjoying every song, one can leisurely enjoy the DVD.
On the other hand [TVXQ non-stop mix vol. 2], which was released on the same day as [時ヲ止メテ], includes songs with powerful dance moves like [FORCE] and [Jumon] and sweet love songs like [BOLERO] and [どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?]. It is a compilation CD that one really wishes to own. Tohoshinki is really capable. It is a CD that contains hit songs from them, who are shining brighter and brighter.
The parts we want to introduce: Strong and gentle, energetic performances, the strength that moves hearts… these 5 people who possess all of these, one can feel this kind of charm that they have, and one hopes that they will continue to shine. 
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