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Monday, May 17, 2010

!Junsu Speaks English! WHAT’s IN? June 2010 Edition

Let us continue on in revealing the secrets of WHAT’s IN? Magazine (laugh)
This time, the interview was conducted at the shooting set, but during the interview, something happened that made Junsu very interested in the matter

Just when he was very intently talking about the songs, there was a sudden “Oh?”
Looking at the photographer who was getting ready for the shoot, Junsu asked “Who is that…?”
“Ahh, that’s the photographer! I’ll introduce you to him later”
When he heard this, it was as if his eyes emitted a “!” radiance (laugh)
The photographer for this shoot was Jeff Johnson, a Caucasian
After the interview, Junsu finished changing his clothes and ran to Johnson very enthusiastically, saying “nice to meet you! How are you?” while warmly shaking hands as a greeting
The shoot then began
Johnson asked, “is it OK to use English?”
“NO! NO! I can’t speak English at all! I was only pretending just then. Hahaha”
After such a long time, Junsu is still Junsu (laugh)
Also, during the shoot, Junsu said “everyone are Caucasians, but still uses Japanese to communicate, it feels a little weird…”
Yes, that is a given!
In comparison to the harmonic and warm atmosphere, the photos that were shot were extremely and perfectly handsome.
Everyone must show interest in this!
(t/n: this is just the part about backstage… updates will come soon on the real interview!)
Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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