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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

![news] 2PM "I'm having a hard time. Buy me a drink" reactions from SHINee-Big Bang-Se7en?

At the news that 2PM was having a hard time, their friends showed a warm reaction.

On May 10th, 2PM's Junho, Junsu, and Wooyoung appeared on SBS PowerFM 'Kim Heechul's Young Street.' At the instructions of DJ Kim Heechul, they simultaneously texted their friends the message, "I'm having a hard time. Buy me a drink" and revealed the reply texts as soon as they arrived.

Junho received a prompt phone call from SHINee's Minho saying, "Hyung! What's going on?" and sincerely showed his worry. At hearing that it was for a radio broadcast, Minho said, "You made me worry..." and gave a sigh of relief.

Junsu, who is close to the YG family, sent a text to Se7en, G-Dragon, and Taeyang. Seven replied, "I was writing out, 'Give me a call when you have time. I'll buy you a drink' but then you came on the radio. Why did you hurt your leg?" G-Dragon said, "Why, what's giving you a hard time, what is a guy like you whining about," and Taeyang said, "I can't drink... sorry..." and showed their reactions.

Wooyoung sent a text to 'Win Win' MC Kim Seungwoo, who replied, "Sure, when do you want me to buy you?" and received a warm reply.

Meanwhile, Junsu left a voice mail for his 2PM members. He said, "I want to say this to the members. The truth will always win... to be honest the members are having an extremely hard time and are very tired nowadays and as your hyung I'm so sorry I can't give you warm words. But the truth will always win. I would like us to show the six of us, as we are, sticking together and working hard, and to show that our original purpose hasn't changed as we continue together," and cried tears as he said these words. 

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