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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

!Yoochun And Junsu – Beautiful Love Interview 100502

—— How did you feel when you received an invitation to participate in your first Japanese television drama?
Yoochun: Because I didn’t have any acting experiences before and I have to use Japanese, I was very anxious

—— This is considered your debut Japanese drama, so what was going through your head when you arrived on-set?
Yoochun: I received the encouragement of my costars, the staff, and also the director, so it was a very enjoyable shoot. Before, I thought being a singer was hard, but now, I think being an actor is even harder
—— Please explain to us an incident during filming that left you with the deepest impression
Yoochun: As there was little time to practice before entering the film-set, I would always return home after the filming ended for the day with my assistant and go over my script for several hours on end just to prepare for the next day. Because I felt nervous and pressurized, I didn’t have much of an appetite and would often sleep and then quickly wake up again, so I didn’t get much sleep either. But when I start to act, I feel extremely happy because I had the chance to experience the life of another person other than myself. Although the actual filming only took a week, I still felt moved and received a lot of inspiration.
—— The character you play, Yoonsu, is the son of a famous tycoon who is stuck-up and has a bad personality. What difference does he has compared to you in terms of personality?
Yoochun: As the son of a rich man, Yoonsu can have essentially anything he wants. But in actuality, he is very lonely. He has no sense of value as to what is important. Yoosu and I are different, but I can still understand his feelings. For Yoonsu, he wanted to be like Hinata. For me, I have my family members, my members, my fans, and everyone that supports me. That is why I feel very blessed and fortunate.
—— In addition, Yoonsu is very condescending towards others, when in fact, he’s just agonizing about his own chained-down life. On the inside, he wants to chase after freedom but he can’t. For this character, did you specially prepare anything before the shoot?
Yoochun: I didn’t have the time so I couldn’t really prepare anything… (laughs) But while I was playing Yoonsu, I constantly tried to figure out this character at the same time. If I had the same emotions as the character, then it wouldn’t be so hard to act
—— After arriving in Japan and meeting with Hinata, Yoonsu began to change. Did you have any turning-point in your life?
Yoochun: I’ve had a lot actually! For example, for this drama, I’ve met many outstanding actors, the director, and also the staff members, and they allowed me the realize the true essence of acting. I now have a dream of being a singer as well as being an actor. This is my opportunistic fate!
—— This time, there is a scene of Yoonsu and Hinata having “a fun date in Tokyo”, and you were able to go to many places you couldn’t go alone. In Tokyo, are there any places that you want to go out on a date to?
Yoochun: Asakusa! Even though it doesn’t have to be a date, I still want to go there by myself

—— This is your first time challenging a Japanese drama, so in the future, do you have any wishes in continuing on in the acting world?
Yoochun: I really want to continue trying it out, but I want to start singing again even faster!
—— Lastly, what is your view of this drama?

Yoochun: I am very happy that Yoonsu and Hinata can feel each other’s heartbeats. Also, the theme song for this drama is “Beautiful Love~If You Were Here~” sung by Junsu, which further accentuates the development of the plot. Please look forward to it everyone!
The following are comments of Aya (Yoochun’s costar), the producer, and Junsu

—— This is your first time working with Yoochun, who is acting as Yoonsu. How was it to work with him?
Aya Omasa: Although he had to use Japanese from the beginning, starting from the first day of filming, the atmosphere was very cordial and friendly. We had very good chemistry during filming.
—— What is the reason for choosing Yoochun and Aya Omasa as the main characters for this drama?
Producer: Not only does Yoochun have amazing vocals and dancing, his work ethic is very diligent and practical. My instincts tell me that people like him will become the new drama stars, so I wasted no time in doing this. Also, similar to all the girls who hold the Cinderella dream in Japan, the female character also has the same dream. Aya Omasa really suits the part and she also has a humble attitude. Like choosing Yoochun, I feel that she really suits the part.
—— How do you feel the two (Yoochun, Aya) are during filming?

On the surface, both of them look very peaceful and quiet, but on the inside they have strong passion. “Are they bantering?” I will think to myself, when in actuality they are just checking over their lines. I’ve witnessed this type of scene many times already.
—— What views do you have on the two’s acting career after this?
Producer: Is this really Yoochun’s first time acting? He acts really well. When he suddenly started tearing up, I immediately felt that he was a real actor. Yoochun, who neglected sleep and forgot about food (t/n: Chinese idiom, basically meaning he was focused completely on something), trying to memorize his Japanese script. He definitely must continue to act in Japanese dramas in the future.
—— What is the reason for using Junsu’s “Kimiga Ireba~Beautiful Love~” as the theme song?
Producer: I just thought that I had to use Junsu’s song as the theme song no matter what. Something that Japan lacks right now is passion and focus, but Junsu expressed great enthusiasm when he was to sing the theme song. The song is very nice to listen to, so I am also really excited.
—— Firstly, in regards to being the main singer for Yoochun’s television drama “Beautiful Love” theme song, do you have any special opinions?

Because Yoochun acts in it, and the drama content is very good, I worked hard in providing the drama with more color through the theme song. I also visited the set once and saw Yoochun and the others working hard to produce a great product, making me want to join in as well.
—— “Kimiga Ireba~Beautiful Love~” is especially written for the drama. What meanings are blended into the song?
Junsu: It is a song that I wanted to sing but also fitted into the producer’s expectations, as well as something that corresponds to the drama’s content.
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