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Thursday, May 13, 2010

!Yunho from Magazine “The Television” 100513

I would like to perform together with Matsu Takako-san. Ladies older than me are sweet and lovely, too.
“No Limit ~Heading To The Ground~”, which were the hot topics, since Tohoshinki’s leader Yunho had taken the leading role, will be the long-awaited DVD! It will be released on June 16.

“Since it was my first time to act, I had many pressures, but I thought that there was no big difference between actors and artists. If there is the melody on the scripts, that will be music. I have been performing different characters by each song, so you can say that they are common. Above all, I thought that my feelings could be conveyed if I did my best, so I wholeheartedly performed the role Cha Bong Gun.”
Bong Gun is a trouble maker, causing trouble around him. But, at heart, he is solid, pure, and passionate, those are common characteristics with Yunho.
“I also thought that the characters are similar during my acting. In the beginning, Bong Gun easily gets angry, he is mentally immature. But meeting many people, he grows up. This time, since it was my first drama and that the location site and staffs differ from regular times, there were new experiences everyday, and there was some difficulty. However, performing in this drama, I think that I was able to get matured, as a person.”
Yunho stood up against many difficulties in the drama. What are those points, which he can now laugh away!?
“I think it was the days before my debut, the trainee days. Since I was living in a local region that time, it took 4 hours just to come and go. My dancing and singing abilities were far poor than now, and I experienced hardships. But I had a dream that one day I can sing on stage, so I went through my lessons always with full passion.”
Going through those days, Yunho is now a star that represents Asia. But his conscientious efforts and modest ways have not changed at all.
“Of course, including dramas, I would like to take the challenge for many images in the future. In order to do so, I will make continuous efforts. I want to be hardworking person than anybody else.”
Lastly, if you want to perform in a Japanese drama, who would you like perform with?
“Matsu Takako-san. When I saw ‘HERO’ (2001, FujiTV), her character was intelligent, cheerful, and also sexy. I really felt her charm. In a way, she is my heroine. Ladies older than me are sweet and lovely, too. (Lol)”
Source: The Television Vol 19 & Heroko
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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