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Thursday, April 15, 2010

!Bigeast Fanmail – Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun To Form A New Unit 100414

It has been decided that JunSu, JeJung and YuChun will form a new unit!
The new unit will be working under the management and the contract with avex management company.
Moreover, in order to show their gratitude to fans, it has also been decided that the 3 of them will be performing at Dome events as a new unit.
Further details will be announced later.
Please anticipate it!!
■ June 5th (Sat) Open 16:00/Start 18:00 (Planned)
Kyocera Dome Osaka
■ June 6th (Sun) Open 16:00/Start 18:00 (Planned)
Kyocera Dome Osaka
■ June 12th (Sat) Open 16:00/Start 18:00 (Planned)
Tokyo Dome
■ June 13th (Sun) Open 16:00/Start 18:00 (Planned)
Tokyo Dome
※Please notice that there might be a change in opening and starting time.
a-ticket pre-order: 4/15 (Thu) 12pm – 4/22 (Thu) 18:00
For further details → http://eplus.jp/jyj-at/
Source: Bigeast Fanmail
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


Max Matsuura’s Twitter Updates, “It is their earnest desire”  100414

“Intend” is not good… are you trying to find my fault…
To have them come back as 5 is what I want to do the most.
I’m calm right now. Because I’ve already prepared to be understanding with everything.
I’m sorry but we’ve already done what we could within our limitation, and I know that it is your freedom to criticize us. In that case, please don’t follow me [on Twitter].
I see… So would it be better if I call it their earnest feelings?
Q: No one wishes for something like that.
A: It’s not just anyone’s wish. It’s their wish.
I think that each person has the freedom to choose what they believe in, so I won’t have a problem with that.
This is really their earnest desire. I affirm it.
We do not have to right to stop what they want to do and what they earnestly desire for…
Source: Max Matsuura’s Twitter
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

“We Had a Good Discussion” AVEX CSO Twitter (Ryuhei Chiba) 100414

“I cannot talk about work.
But we had a good discussion.
If we all keep our kindness in our heart, all is in God’s hand.
I am taking a bath now.
I take a bath daily for one hour.
After this I eat and then flight (airport).
See you later!”
By Ryuhei Chiba, Avex CSO
*In his twitter, he wrote that he went to Korea talk with SM. He keeps on posting Lotte photo of five members in his twitter.
Source: AVEX CSO Twitter
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


TVXQ trio to form new unit

The new webpage under Rhythm Zone featuring Yoochun, Jaejoong and Junsu,
(Screen grab by Bulletin Entertainment)
April 15, 2010, 10:01am
The three of the five members of TVXQ (aka Tohoshinki), who sued SM Entertainment last year to void their contract, have formed a new group in Japan under Avex agency.
Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun will be working as a new unit more than a week after Avex announced that Tohoshinki would be suspending their activities in Japan. Avex is Tohoshinki’s management agency in Japan.
The announcement on the formation of the new unit was announced by Tohoshinki’s Japanese fan club Bigeast.
The new chapter in the TVXQ saga comes just two days after SM Entertainment, the boy band’s agency in South Korea, filed a case against the three before the Seoul Central District Court to question the preliminary decision of the court last year, which indefinitely suspended the contracts of Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun with SME and allowed them to work on their own.
In addition, SME is seeking 2.2 billion won (about $2 million) from the three for the cancellation of a concert in China and commercial endorsements.
Avex has put up a new webpage for the three under its Rhythm Zone record label website to announce their first event.
On the website, the three did not use “TVXQ” or “Tohoshinki” to identify themselves but only used their names to avoid any legal dispute.
As a new group, their first activity is the Thanksgiving concert that will be held on June 5 and 6 at Kyocera Dome in Osaka and June 12 and 13 at the Tokyo Dome.
Fans of TVXQ, who are still reeling from the previous announcement about the suspension of the boy band’s activites in Japan, are saddened with this new development.
“I want to be positive but this absolutely breaks my heart. I don’t know what to say… Always Keep the Faith,” fan with the handle Keiyashi commented on onetvxq.com, the international TVXQ fan forum.
“I saw this coming, yes… but it’s so sudden. I can’t even think of words to express what I feel,” wrote another fan with the username Miss Ying.
In July last year, Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong sued SM Entertainment to void what they call their “slave contracts.”
The other two TVXQ members, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, did not join the three in the contract lawsuit and have remained committed to SME.
The case is pending in a Seoul court.
Source: Manila Bulletin Websites and Publications
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com


Let’s brighten up

An Article from a Japanese Blog
2010-04-14 23:54:13
I came home late tonight…..OMG, big thing!
For us Tohoshinki fans, it is said to be the terrible 18:00.. (T/N: the “suspension of activities” mail from the Bigeast office was also sent out on 18:00).
We tend to brace ourselves when the Bigeast office sends us messages.
Since there seems to be some complicated things, the CEO’s twitter seems to be over flooded.
But now, a few hours have passed, and are you all a little bit calm?
For most of those who gave me the mail today, they said “I cannot be delighted as a whole for the new unit (of the 3 members), but I’ll try my best to support them. Someday, I can see the 5 members on stage together! My love for all the 5 members will not change!”
Reading them, I was in tears.
Self-righteousness will look bitter from the surroundings.
When you are carried away, you cannot see your surroundings.
We are humans, we cannot help being carried away….some may think so.
But, for those who can think back of your words and attitudes, regret and apologize, I think they are the true people.
The fans of Yunho and Changmin should be in tears…..
The remaining 3 members can perform on stage, and the fans can hear their singing.
Everyone seems to be delighted…I am frustrated. Frustrated. Deeply frustrated.
Where should I spit out my feelings?
To CEO Matsuura. To avex! ..To Bigeast.
To the fans of the 3 members.
But you should control those kinds of anger, it couldn’t be helped.
What do you think about the feelings of the person who heard those words?
Did you feel better after saying them?
If you said those words, can the situation of the remaining 2 members change?
You may say, “I know..I know..”
What about…
What about….if the situation is that Yoochun himself could not sign the contract with avex, and he was left out alone. (T/N: The blog author romi-san is a great fan of Yoochun.)
I thought about those situations, even though I do not want to do so.
Me, a fan of Yoochun should be in great shock, sad, shed tears, frustrated, and cry on a friend’s shoulder.
When I become a little bit calm, I will think about Yoochun himself.
Yoochun should be sad if he sees that we fans are in tears, or that we are angry to somebody else.
He should have thought and thought, considering the current situations, made the decision at long last…..
Thinking like this, I think that my depression will minimize.
I will not think “Poor Yoochun”, but most likely, I will think, “If I was Yoochun..”,
Tears should flow out of my eyes, thinking about Yoochun.
That should be “think as though you are in someone else’s ground”. Am I correct?
I cannot put in words nicely, but Yunho and Changmin also loves Tohoshinki so much. They should be cheering the new unit.
This should be the results of their discussion many times.
I think that, in the future, when all the lawsuits are solved, and the discussions between the companies are settled, then, we can be able to see the grown 5 members on stage.
Honestly, for this unit, I cannot be delighted from the bottom of my heart, but I think that Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun will do the best for both Yunho and Changmin, too.
Tohoshinki fans, those who have supported them up to this date should understand them.
I heard that this dome event was the pressing request of the 3 members.
I think that they made this request for us, to repay for our strong anxiety during these hard days.
Considering together with the CEO that some criticism may occur….
It should have been a tough decision to make.
I am now anxious about the words of the fans of the 3 members.
Please do not hurt others by rapturous delight, now, when your tension is high, it may be necessary to look back.
I heard stories that the fans’ relations broke up.
When I hear those stories, I think “Again?”
This is the time when we with kindness and warm-heartedness….
Let’s encourage each other.
Let’s brighten up.
And, let’s smile.
Source: MY TREASURE (romi’s blog)
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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