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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

!E-Pop Magazine April Issue Interview

epop: what reason would you give during the late?
HG: I will give any reasons for it.
JH: I am late because of crowded cars
MH: I beg your pardon for the late rise.
JJ: Sorry a bit without looking for any reason
SH: although not to know, but I will try to find any reason. haha!

epop: What things are you most like?
HG: ipod
JH: carbonated water / soda water
MH: mobile decoration
SH: collect lingerie … parking!
epop: what kind of girl do you prefer?
HG: naive and cute
JH: straight and cool girl
MH: girls who can take care of people, clean and aromatic.
JJ: girls are cool and caring
SH: sexy girl
epop: What is the most risky thing you’ve done since you were young till now?
HG: Stole my mom’ wallet! (i don’t get the rest of his explanation T T)
JH: entered into the community too early!
MH: pursued the field of music since I was young, but I do not regret!
JJ: acted in drama stage
SH: I feel anxious when appear in variety show!
epop: for you, what is your greatest potential?
HG: most likely … photographs!
JH: design? But, I am not a very clever designer, too!
MH: writing! another thing, I also have great energy.
JJ: Jogging and football
SH: Painting
epop: In the past, what happens out of your expectations?
HG: I’m so skinny .. I do not particularly attend state slender body program.
JH: SH made a mistake in songs during the recording event
MH: despite my chin swollen, I still continued recording.
JJ: In the third release in Korea, we provide the distinction of having many “dream ticket” for Primandonna (FT Island fans) Consequently, many unexpected things have happened.
SH: Hidapi cold arrived!
epop: have your hearts touched by the sight of the country?
HG: Egyptians, and the Japanese roads
JH: Egyptian Pyramid
MH: Rainbow Bridge Tokyo
JJ: Muju-gun, Korea
SH: Sea Sokcho, Korea
epop: what are the things that delight you lalely?
HG: when people praise me, ‘HG, you are thin!” – Haha!
JH: I just feel good every day
MH: when all the members gather and discuss the activities of third album
JJ: When our third album get good response!
SH: hide and …… brother JH. ???
epop: what have you found lately about this member?
HG: SH is a fool. hahai
JH: MH has become mature
MH: HG brother has just become so gentle
JJ: MH weakness of feeling afraid
SH: my brother HG is extremely violent.
epop: when is the most friendly of you?
HG: I am always friendly
JH: sometimes during filming, when the camera moved to my direction- Haha!
MH: bath, when I come out with so smooth & nice skin
JJ: when I was performing on stage with joy.
SH: at a time when people take pictures after the interview ended:
epop: for you, what are the things that can make your hearts feel tense?
HG: to act in accordance with the original.
JH: not found yet …
MH: I know, it has not been found yet
JJ: Just try to be an actor in plays from now to the future
SH: enter my management company.
epop: what did you dream?
HG: I would like to produce and present our own music.
JH: I hope to be able to be the band that produces good music, I also want to be a guitar player who is reliable.
MH: I hope to be FTIsland policy, with that, FTIsland will be able to do anything like completing lyrics, songwriting and more.
JJ: I hope to create music that touches the hearts of many people, it’s already enough for me! Personally, I hope to be a music man.
SH: I hope to develop its own personality of FTIsland. In the personal aspect, I would like to challenge the acting
epop: for you, there are things in Japan that you especially like?
HG: Japanese people are friendly and neat
JH: cultural music group
MH: The stunning view of the road, and the public can always see my passion.
JJ: The Japanese way of life is cool and stylish!
SH: Japanese customs

Credits: E-pop@Malaysia+shinohime@soompi ( Eng Translation)

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