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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

!Fan account 100403 New Jersy

AOM graced the finale by being the last to come on.
Chacha, Junior, Dial Tone and Jaebum.

Jaebum was mainly the one to lead and have the mic.
They greeted like this: “One, two, three, hello!! We’re AOM!!!”. In Korean. OMG.

They bowed extremely politely, almost 90 degrees, and acknowledged the fans’ cheering and hand motions with their eyes and nods-
I could easily see what a respectful and nice kid he is.
He lost a bit of weight though. And when he was dancing.. wow he was actually flying. I love you.

The photo right now is too big, and my internet is slow so this is my 7th try
I will upload them bit by bit.
He must have missed being onstage……
It was heartbreaking to see him trying to squeeze everything in during that short amount of time.
As one fan said, “Jay, I love you!”  he immediately stopped what he was saying to respond with, “I love you, too!”

At that moment he really shook up the hearts of everyone that was there.. naww…

Oh, and it’s just my thought but maybe he’s not so good? Tired?
He made a few mistakes.

And so he kind of made a facial expression as if he wasn’t satisfied with himself… Anyway that’s just what I thought it looked like.

Anyhow I could tell that he was trying to find composure… I could see freedom and comfort.
And there was none of that egg-throwing and stuff you were all worried about.

Two bodyguard ajjussis (5 times the size of Jaebum) protected AOM heaps. Politely, kekekeke.Now, I will be back! With detail!!

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