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Thursday, April 15, 2010

!Fan Report – Tamori Touched Jaejoong’s Body So Many Times at Iitomo 100414

Fuji TV Report which aired about 30 min ago ^^
Kya~~~~~!! Jaejoong just appeared at Fuji TV!
And I kept missing Tamori MC touching Jaejoong’s body so many times! LOL

At first, there were so many flowers given for Jaejoong to celebrate his appearance at “Telephone Shoking”. Whole audiences screamed as Jaejoong showed up. And he said hi to Tamori. Tamori immediately said, “You have such cute (kawaii) face. If you look like this of course the ladies will stare at you!” Tamori even said, “Your skin is beautiful”, and Jeajoong said “Thank you!”
Jaejoong was asked if he likes to exercise and he said yes. He then said “I have no fat!” All human beings have fat so if he does not have any fat, he would not be a human. Dokey answer of Jeajoong which I love and everyone laughed.
When Jeajoong said “I exercise a lot for my body”, Tamori said “Are you Maso? (A masochist)”. Then Tamori kept on touching Jeajoong’s body. (I missed taking that photo. Sorry!) Not only Jaejoong’s arms, but also his chest and even stomach! Kya~~~, can I do the same~~?! I envied Tamori-san.
Tamori asked him how his drama is going; Jaejoong said “It is lots of fun!” with big smile. Then he said, “My character is the one who has hardship but try to live cheerfully, and I like it.”
When Tamori asked him, “How do you keep yourself in good mood?” Jaejoong said “I talk a lot and laugh a lot.” He was in his full smile which made me so happy!
The question he gave audience was, “Does any of you eat cup noodle soup every day?”. If only one person says “yes”, he will be able to receive Tamori strap…
Could he get Tamori strap or not? Please wait until YT shows up for your future pleasure! LOL
Jaejoong’s friend he called was Eita. “Eita is more handsome/cool (kakkoii) in person”, Jaejoong said.
They sounded like they are really close to each other!
Okay there it is my right after report watching Iitomo today! ^^
Source: Iitomo+nono
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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