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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

!Goo Hara’s been bullied for her popularity

Finally, a new episode of Strong Heart has aired!
We all know everyone has been relatively bored since music programs and variety shows were canceled last week due to the naval ship sinking, but at least we have the story-packed Strong Heart back on April 7th.
On this episode, KARA’s Goo Hara talked about her popularity from when she went to school. She said, “I was popular among the male sunbaes at my school. The female sunbaes were so jealous that they would punish me by making me bend backwards far enough to touch the ground as if I were a folder. I was so angry.”
She continued, “I found out that an oppa that was really nice to me was liked by the unnie who tortured me. One day, I was preparing for a performance and I fainted from low blood pressure. The sunbae oppa told me I needed to eat more. He gave me chocolate and the unnie got jealous again. She made me do the folder again. I did it for about an hour and my body started to shake.”
She finished up the story, “I wanted to get angry but I was scared of her so I just said, ‘The folder is vibrating.’”

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