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Monday, April 5, 2010

![NEWS] Gong Minji ‘Ero Minji?’ Out of male idols ‘Ero Jokwon’

Gong Minji ‘Ero Minji?’ Out of male idols ‘Ero Jokwon’ (Interview)
What does girl group 2NE1’s maknae Gong Minji think of the nickname ‘Ero Minji’ fans gave her.
Recently Gong Minji has transformed as a boy for the project ‘2010 Big project girl group photoshoot as a guy.’ She looked like she came out of cartoon with the clothes she was wearing.
- It seems like you wear denim a lot. What’s the brand you like?
M: Yes i do wear it a lot. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my legs but i do wear shorts a lot and wear Bean Pole jeans.

- What’s your appearance when you go out?
M: I usually go out with a fresh face (no make-up). I also wear beanies a lot (- Dont you still get recognized?) haha i don’t get recognized.
- Where do you usually go for shopping?
M: Back then I usually went to Dongdaemun but nowadays i pick clothes in Apgujung. If there is a small vintage shop, i buy clothes from there and if there are pretty accessories i buy those too.
- Seeing as it’s all girls there must be selfishness within the group. Are there any fights over accessories?
M: We know what each other likes. CL and Dara unnies likes the street look, with a unique point. I like it to but i like more girly things too. A few days ago i saw a really pretty Alexander Wang one-piece dress. Nowadays one-piece dresses catches my eye.
- So that means we can see Gong Minji in a dress?
M: Maybe. Don’t know about on stage yet haha
- You like to wear skirts/drseses? Is it because there is a guy you like?
M: No way. It’s not like that. You know we have a 5 year ban on having boyfriends.
- What is the latest item you bought?
M: It’s not a dress but i bought a high waist skirt. It was feminine and had a volume feel. I think that’s why i’m ‘ero Minji’
- Nickname ‘Ero Minji’. Do you like it?
M: It can be a bit dangerous but yes i like it. It has a mature and sexy feel. (- When do you feel sexy?) M: When i have a shower hahaha
- Out of the male idols who else can have the ‘ero’ nickname?
M: I’ve been watching different programs a lot because we have been on break but i think 2AM Jo Kwon has a feminine side i think he is the sexy-ist. hahaha

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100404n07496
Translations: cookieMuncher @ ygsecret21.com

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