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Saturday, April 3, 2010

![NEWS] MBLAQ Mir, ending ‘She’s Coming’ with ‘tearful eyes’!

The MBC Everyone MBLAQ’s Bad Boy Complete Transformation ‘Idol Army She’s! Coming’ Season 5 aired last 31st was unwillingly finished with the 16th episode.

This day the members expressed their thankful hearts for the program by saything things like “I feel like we rebuilt our personalities,” and “I feel like we filmed ‘Our Child has Changed.” Continuing on Lee Joon expressed compassion about the program by saying “I want to pass this onto my offsprings.”
However with the words “Oppa passed times like this” saying that he will say to his offsprings, until the end with weird word choices they gave a lot of laughter with their ‘Village Idiot’ sides. They changed the unwillingness atmosphere into one where they can laugh for a little bit.

And for a little bit Mir showed teary eyes as he said “It’s really regretful” and “It’s sad that I won’t have the appointment of seeing everyone once a week. I wish there’s going to be a time where we can all meat again,” expressing his unsatisfied heart.

Shin Bongseun said “we will be able to meet again” and Jung Juri trying to lighten up the atmosphere said “I wish we can meet in a private place and not a public place next time,” and continued to show her self-interested mind and caused a lot of laughter.

Through the show ‘She’s Coming’ which only popular Idols can have, MBLAQ was able show off their charms without dissatisfaction. Also through the four months they were able to become more popular by being known through the show.

On this day, on the view’s board people posted up their thanks and greetings and unwilling footsteps by posting things such as “Everyone worked so hard. It was a good chance where I was able to know every little thing of MBLAQ,” and “Because I became to like MBLAQ through She’s Coming5, it’s a shame that it’s ending. I wish MBLAQ also did Season 6.”

Source: Nate News
Translation: mir-ified @ absolutemblaq

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