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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

![News] SHINee Sings ‘Fly High’ for ‘Prosecutor Princess’ OST to ‘Fuel the Fire’

Popular idol group SHINee’s participation in the OST for the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Prosecutor Princess,’ has gathered a lot of attention.
On the [March] 31st, SHINee sang the title song on the OST, ‘Fly High,’ on the first broadcast of the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Prosecutor Princess.’ Sung by SHINee, ‘Fly High’ is known as the song by Oh Junsung, famous for composing music for the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers.’

The composed song in particular has drawn attention to the special relationship between Oh Junsung and SHINee. Composer Oh Junsung produced the ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘Dream’ OST’s along with SHINee which gained popularity and on February 1st in Singapore, SHINee was a guest participant in ‘Oh Junsung’s Drama Concert’ which gathered much talk among Asian fans.
Even with this [song] it has gartered much attention as to whether ‘Fly High’ will seek popularity among fans at home.
‘Prosecutor Princess’ is a romantic comedy about a newly appointed female prosecutor Ma Haeri, as she experiences a turbulent episode, growing into a true prosecutor. The drama’s theme song ‘Fly High’ is a promising and hopeful feeling song with a message of overcoming hardships and failures and standing up laughing trying to open up one’s heart to one’s innermost dreams inside.
Though Kim Soeun, the actor to take the role of Ma Haeri in the drama, is a cheerful and lovable character transformation is the center of attention, SHINee’s ‘Fly High’ is something that gives more of an assessment to the energy of Ma Haeri’s growth and Kim Soeun’s transformation.
Every week on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 9:55 PM, the SBS-aired drama ‘Prosecutor Princess’ OST includes participation of Suh Inyoung, Monday Kiz, 9-female member group ‘Nine’, AB-Avenue, besides SHINee.
Source : Newsen
Translation : joodit @ weareshining.com

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