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Monday, April 12, 2010

!Seungyeon wants to date Hara?

During their joint fan meeting with 2PM on the 10th, the KARA girls revealed to fans their own personal ranking charts and some information you never knew about them!
Hara’s chart was about who she would want to go on We Got Married with. Her first choice was Kang Dong Won as she revealed shly, “Kang Dong Won is an amazing guy who is good looking, has a great body and good acting skills. And both of us have outstanding double eye-lid charisma.” Her second and third choices were Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Bum respectively.

Nicole revealed the CF that she would be ideal for. She said, “Milk CFs would suit me because I love milk a lot and I want to show everyone how tasty it is.” Her other choices was a mobilephone and weight loss CFs.
And if she was reborn, Seungyeon would like to be…, “I would like to be Mariah Carey because her vocals can handle all song genres with ease.” Her second choice was Kang Dong Won to which she answered, “If I become Kang Dong Won, I will be able to date Hara,” which led to laughters from fans.
Last but not least, Seungyeon picked Lee Hyori as her third choice to be reborn as because she wants to experience life as Korea’s top sexy diva.
Gyuri meanwhile used the chart to demonstate her unique charisma that enables her to have an edge over her members. And of course, in first place was her beauty. She then said, “My ​temperament is my second charisma. Even the attribute score of 999 for my temperament in the game, Princess Maker isn’t quite enough.” She rated her talking ability as her third charisma.
Maknae Jiyoung listed out the things she wanted to do when she turns 20 which were – 1) going around by herself, 2) buy a car and 3) get a driving license.

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