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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

!SNSD snuck out of their dorm to go where?

During the recording of SBS Strong Heart, Sunny revealed a behind-the-scenes story of when members of SNSD secretly escaped from their dormitory.
The group’s resident aegyo queen said,
Without anyone knowing, Hyoyeon, Jessica, Tiffany and I snuck out of our dormitory to go to Lotte World. In no make-up, we wore hats, scarves, and the raccoon masks sold at the amusement park to cover our face completely so that no one would recognize us.
For our last ride, there was a super high-speed rollercoaster that caught my eye. I thought, ‘I really have to ride this one,’ so we waited in line for one hour. When we finally reached the front, however, we were told to remove all our hats, masks and scarves because they might fall off during the ride.

Since we waited an hour long, we didn’t want to give up so we sneakily removed our accessories and waited for the rollercoaster to start. However, the rollercoaster wouldn’t move because the employees were snickering amongst themselves because SNSD came.
In the end, we rode the rollercoaster and returned to our dormitory after spending a fun day at the amusement park. We didn’t think we would get caught so we bragged to the other five members. But the next day, our manager oppa approached us and asked us, ‘Did you really go to the amusement park behind my back?’ The four of us were shocked, but we tried to deny it. Then, he replied, ‘You should have at least put on some make-up’ and gave us a warning.
It turns out that one of the spectators took a picture of us and uploaded on to the internet.
Sunny mentioned that the incident occurred before SNSD released their 2009 hit song Gee. I can only imagine the hell that would arise if the group were to appear at a public setting now.

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