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Sunday, April 11, 2010

!Tohoshinki Still Maintains Top Popularity Among Japan’s ‘Otaku’ 100408

The survey results in Japan has been released. The popular idol girl group “AKB48″ and their fans both selected Tohoshinki as their favourite group.
Among the 4001 participants of the survey, 77% of them were male. Apart from the usual questions such as “When did you become a AKB48 fan”, “Which member of AKB48 would you most like to be your younger sister”, “What time of the day makes you think of AKB48″ , the survey also asked “Apart from AKB48, which other group’s merchandise (including albums) do you buy the most of?”
The surprising result was that Tohoshinki won #1 on the votes. This result prompted Japanese music site “BARKS” to start a topic (T/N Not sure whether it was an article or just a forum post) “The unexpected connection between Tohoshinki and AKB48 fans”, to which netizens expressed their surprise to. Replies included “Tohoshinki, as expected, is the strongest Haliyu group” and “We can’t deny Tohoshinki’s popularity”. Other replies related to Tohoshinki included “Since when have the AKB48 fans, those who have bought over 100 of their albums, start to become Tohoshinki’s fans as well” and “It is impossible to discern these fans’ sexual orientations”, which hence created all types of debates and discussions.
Recently, in Japan, Tohoshinki’s news have been appearing everywhere, but most of the news are relating to their suspension. Therefore, during these times, the news of Tohoshinki getting voted first for popularity in AKB48’s survey have incited all types of responses from the public.
Source: DNBN + Mr.TVXQ
Translation: clandestineheart @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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