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Monday, April 5, 2010

!TVXQ Fans Visit Red Kitchen 100331

After leaving the hotel in the afternoon we went to the KangNam side.
We got off at Seolleung station.
From there we walked for about 5 minutes and went to the
“Red Kitchen”

This is KARA’s Nicole’s moms restaurant.
In the noon it’s a ramen store and at night a bar.
This is the restaurant that Jaejoong and Yoochun went to.
There was 2 more customers other then us but they left fast and it was like me and Mamu only.
First we had to eat.
Kimchi Cheese Ramen
It seems like it’s spicy but it’s not that spicy.
Also we ordered the “tuna and chicken’s possamu and spinach salad” that the 2 orders a lot.
It’s about 15,000 won (1,200yen)
This was really light and delicious
This went in Jaejoong’s mouth…
This went in Yoochun’s mouth…
oh my~!
After eating, the dessert is…
Something written on the window
Jaejoong’s autograph
Yoochun’s autograph
(The Korean text is “Noona became prettier~ It’s awesome ^^ Red kitchen is perfect!” )
Zuno’s autograph
I touched it~
There was no J&Y’s picture but there was Z’s
Mr. Changmin~!!!
Ahh…Chanming is so handsome
How he is so close to her and seems like he leaned towards her….
It’s nice~
The lady next to him is Nicole’s mom.
That means…
This light thin autograph is…
(The Korea text says “I enjoyed eating your meal”)
Changmin’s autograph!!
His hangul is hard to read.. I mean he writes so small and it’s cute.
But on a regular paper with think black marker.
Pinned with one pin…
And it seems like its been pinned a lot…
Hey, I’m going to steal it
*warning: Tohoshinki fans can’t do things like that.
so we just relaxed there for a while.
After this we went to Yoochuns moms store.
We thought if it’s around 3p.m. his mom should be there?
so we went but it’s still on 1:30pm…
We waited at a Star Bucks near there.
We finished drinking!
Its 2:30…
Okay lets go!!!
And we left for Crebeau-kiss.
Continue later.
Source: [mayutang]
Translation: [Rieko@sharingyoochun.net]
Shared by: [OneTVXQ.com]

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