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Monday, April 5, 2010

!“You Have Been the Light of Our Lives” 100404

Translation of some comments left on Kitagawa-san’s entry
T/N: Excerpts from Kitagawa Eriko’s blog entry and translations of some of the almost 2000 comments in response.
They were so many, and all so full of hope and sadness and longing. I only managed to read through less than 50 long comments. I selected parts from those and translated. I may do more later.
Reading them made me happier and more at ease. I hope they will for you, too.
From her blog entry:
If you thought,
“Thank you for being our light of our lives,” and “if I
truly love them, then I will continue loving them,” then
let us keep loving and supporting them.

I thought, perhaps,
that Michael Jackson, so young and so recently gone,
is their story not unsimilar to his?
People shouldn’t live for the sake of others
People should live for themselves
that’s why
we should think first of their own happiness
The I who have seen so many artists and stars, believe this
from the bottom of my heart.
“I, being a parent, have never wanted
my children to work hard for the sake of their parents.
I have never wanted for them, too,
to work to the point of exhaustion for the sake of their fans.”
“It’s just that, for the moment I saw them who were, until now, singing together as five, I let out my voice and cried. Because up until now, the five were one. I feel as if my loneliness right now will be crushed from the weight of sadness, but even still, I think that, together with the five of them, I myself must grow as a person.”
“And it’s the life we only have once.
I want to live for the sake of myself–I, too, think that.
When I checked the meaning of “hiatus” (also translated as “suspension”)
again in the dictionary, it said,
“To take a break for a temporary period of time.” (in the Japanese, 「一時、休むこと」)
Up until now, they haven’t been able to choose their own breaks so
I wish for the happiness of the five
from the bottom of my heart.”
“I wish, truly, for them each to be happy.
I am grateful only that they showed to us
their dreams.”
“If they can become happy, then whatever path they take I will always continue to support them.
But I believe somewhere in my heart that their smiling faces will return, so it’s okay to wait just a bit more, right?”
“Right now, they are the ones that must be hurting the most so
anytime Tohoshinki decides to come back is okay with me
I only want to wait and keep warm
that place in which they will return to us.
Tohoshinki will not end as simply as this.
This I believe.”
“Since I met them
my body and mind was saved.
I received from them so many feelings
that cannot be expressed by words.
That’s why this time
it’s our turn to save them.
Our turn to give back to them.
But with what?
And how?
By saying,
‘That place that you can return to
is right here,’
and so we must prepare a great space
so bright they will never get lost,
so that they will always be able to return.
With a smile upon my face, I will wait.”
Source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
Translation: _happy_as_rain_ @ LJ
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

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