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Monday, May 3, 2010

Dana of The Grace performs on stage once again with her new musical [Daejanggeum Season 3]

Before its opening on the 1st of May, we meet up with Dana at where she is rehearsing in the Namsan Cultural Centre for her musical [Daejanggeum Season 3]. Dressed in casual clothes with her hair up in a ponytail, Dana is in the middle of her final rehearsal. After being in Japan for three years and more than a year of inactivity, this musical is a long-awaited comeback for Dana.

“After promotions in Japan, I had a really nice ‘vacation’. Maybe it was because I was too tired, but I didn’t step out of the house for two months. I’ve managed to live together with my family in Korea, as well as have more time to think over things by myself. I’ve met up with my friends who are all working in different jobs, and we even went on holiday together. Recently, I’ve also gotten my JLPT Level 2 certificate as well. (Smiles)”

When Dana was in high school, she’d taken part in the musical [Peter Pan] as well as the sitcom [Non-Stop 3]. This is however, the first time she has been able to take part in a musical since turning legal and into an adult.

“Performing is my dream. Although acting is interesting, but I am first and foremost a singer, so it’s hard for me to show everyone more of my attempts at acting. I don’t want to just stay at the status quo, I want to show everyone that I’m constantly improving and growing up.”

As compared to other idol singers who have taken part in musicals, what is special about Dana’s role is that she is acting in a historical musical as compared to the modern roles that others take on. [Daejanggeum Season 3] narrates the story of Korea’s first top female physician Daejanggeum, and a skilful performance is much needed to be able to accurately portray Daejanggeum’s ability to transcend the difficulties she encounters.

Dana, who is playing the lead role of Daejanggeum, mentions the hardships of taking on such a role: “When I first rehearsed the role it was really hard, I almost wanted to give up then.”

“I’m still a newbie in the musical industry, and by playing Daejanggeum at my age I think it’ll be hard for me as I have little experience, so I feel the pressure to do well.

There are lots of things I do wrong and it’s very hard work, I’ve been scolded many times and cried lots. It was only after I abandoned all thoughts of wanting to be Daejanggeum and honestly expressed the feelings I had inside, then was the director satisfied. I realized that I shouldn’t adapt to the character, but instead create one of my own that is like Daejanggeum. Through the process of understanding all of these, I think I’m now deeply attracted to musicals. (Laughs)”

Being a member of Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace, Dana plans to play her main role of a singer even better than before. She says, “In order to accomplish my dreams, I plan to live each day to the fullest. Have I become more grown up and understanding now?”

She concludes the interview with a bright smile.

I've missed her so much, and she seems so mature and happy now. It's so good to see her active once again!
Source: clubcity.kr / Dana's Baidu bar
Translated by: [info]hypothermal

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