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Monday, May 3, 2010

!SHINee's Key, first idol to take the Western Style Cooking Specialist ‘Challenge’

[Newsen Reporter Kim Jiyoon]

SHINee member Key is the first Korean idol to take on the challenge of becoming a Western Style Cooking Specialist.

In order to take the Western Style Cooking Specialist challenge and to became a lord of cooking, Key is in the midst of undergoing much training on Comedy TV’s ‘Beautiful Teacher’s Raising An Idol’ (from here on Raising An Idol).

Key, who is learning to cook with dreams of becoming a star chef in the idol world, is planning to apply for the Western Style Cooking Specialist examination which is held by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea to obtain his certification in required courses in order to become a chef.

Preparation time is very tight for Key, who is currently travelling back and forth, to and from, Japan and other Asian countries and is busy with vigorous international activities. However, Key’s cooking teacher Chef Kim Sangmin said, “Key possesses exceptional sense when it comes to cooking, and he was recommended because he himself enjoys cooking, but it is true that time is tight for the May exam” and added in his concern.

However, contrary to the apprehension of those around him, Key showed strong will and said “Even though there is little time left until the exam, I will make time in between to study and definitely want to obtain my certification.”

In regards to Key, who is preparing for the actual test, a member of the production staff commented “Currently Key has personally obtained his study material and has shown his enthusiasm by even listening to online classes, and is in the midst of preparing,” and “We will do our best to help Key’s challenge become a success.”

You can watch Key taking on the challenge of becoming the first idol to obtain his Western Style Cooking Specialist certification on May 1st at 10:30p.m.

Source: Newsen
Credit: live laugh love @ soompi

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