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Monday, April 5, 2010

!2NE1’s Denim Fashion Tips!

What could fashionista’s, trendy girl group 2NE1 suggest as denim fashion tips?
Recently, 2NE1 conducted an interview with Money Today Star News about the 2010 Big Project Girl Group Crossdressing Photoshoot. Here, they said “Denim is an item that we enjoy regularly” revealing their admiration for denim. In addition, all four of them appeared in stylish denim looks that matched their individual personalities.
On this day, the stylist in charge, Lee Jinkyu-sshi stated “I did the styling for an overall denim look and I mix and matched (today) to create a look suitable for a retro atmosphere and Western feeling.” “Because this is a tomboyish photoshoot, rather than curviness, the prepared clothing tends to be more straight-cut.”

We were able to learn a couple of tips on how to coordinate clothes from 2NE1. First off, CL said “Denim can have boot cuts or tight fits, and differ in terms of length as well. No matter what though, when choosing jeans, you should first find the right fit, it’s important to examine and match your body type.”
In addition, she said “I wear a lot of Bean Pole Jeans. They fit nicely”.
Park Bom stated “I like styles that accentuate my legs.”, “If you’re going for a more feminine look, styles that are a bit simple are good. I often wear jeans that cover my hips, they have a pretty line.”
Sandara Park said “I match my jeans with pretty tank tops or belts. But I almost never wear accessories. I usually like wearing hats or shoes so I tend to always match them, but aren’t jeans pretty and give a very liberating feeling to them?”
Gong Minji said “I wear a lot of Bean Pole Jeans. If my jeans are simple, I like to wear something with a really exuberant print on top of it.” “As an example, a good method to stand out would be using dark coloured high heels or lace or denim look.”
Quote from previous article
“First off, 2NE1’s leader CL is wearing a white lace top from the D&G collection, as well as washed out crop pants as the foundation. Underneath the white lace top, she is wearing a black lace bra, emphasizing CL’s sexiness. To spice up the clothing, she is sporting a MISSONI belt, and finishes off with trendy brown and black gladiator shoes by GUESS.
Sandara Park bore the manliest appearance. Her strong look was made up of Stella McCartney denim shirt and denim pants, Burberry Prorsum brown belt and Eryn Brinie choker on her neck and a pointed headband. Her brown GUESS shoes finish the look, giving her a complete boy like image.
Park Bom who usually prefers to wear hot pants, had on a Mardi Judy denim jacket on top of her Issey Miyake beige top, accompanied by a belt giving her an edgy feeling. Her overexaggerated hairstyle makes her seem like a popstar.
Magnae Minji had on a white print sleeveless tee (Erin Watson by Han style) with a denim jacket (Golden goose by Han style) which was matched with a silk scarf. With this, ornamented with lace was a pair of Dolce & Gabbana denim pants giving off a sexy image. Her outfit is finished off with a pair of trendy black gladiator shoes (Steven Maiden).”
Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com

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