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Monday, April 5, 2010

!G-Dragon’s Unisex Fashion Article

G-Dragon = trend, regardless whether it is music or fashion, he is always at the front line…therefore what is wrong with wearing female clothing? As long as there is guts and looks nice, that’s what G-Dragon wanted. Like not long ago during his solo concert he expressed his wild ambition : “G-Dragon is not only a Trend but a Brand!”
G-Dragon VS Fan Bing Bing (a China actress)
The black suit coat on GD emits low profile wildness, but on Fan Bing Bing, it is glamorous beauty.
G-Dragon VS Lady Gaga VS Ha Ji Won
This famously designed cape comes in several colors blue, yellow, black ~ although these three famous artists happened to it coincidently, but GD’s blonde hair with the blue cape is exceptionally outstanding!

G-Dragon VS model
Unlike the usual standard design of a jacket, this overlapping design looks sexy on the model, on Jiyong it is extraordinarily handsome!

G-Dragon VS CL VS Yulia
This nine-square telephone grid design digital print long tee, for females like CL and Yulia it can be worn as One Piece clothing. But for GD, it can only be a T-shirt! ^_^
G-Dragon VS Park Bom
Both are artists of YG Entertainment, therefore what is so surprising about wearing the same vest~right?!
G-Dragon VS Yulia
It has been said that this Yulia is a designer and is actually a Japanese friend of YG Entertainment’s stylist Seung Ho. Maybe that’s the reason why GD and her have several similar pieces of clothing!
A black jacket that you simply cannot place the hands on the shoulder (because there are button stubs all over the shoulder pads! ah!)
G-Dragon VS Lee Yoon Ji
Never expect GD and the <Heading to the Ground>’s “nutritionist” will fancy this style of white shirt which shows off the collarbones beautifully.
Additional fun! YG crab family~
There is a particular headgear which the YG Entertainment artists are very fond of, that’s the … crab headgear! Not only GD loves to wear it, the zany Dara, the cool TOP, the cute Daesung and even the narcissistic Seungri are hooked to it too!
Scanned|Translated by miseremei.multiply.com
cr: alee@ibb

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