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Saturday, April 3, 2010

!After School talks about their nice bodies

But apparently one performance was enough to spark the interest in fans as they noticed the girls’ new well toned stomachs. On April 1st, After School revealed in an interview that their newly found abs are all thanks to their special diets.
After School revealed, “We always eat properly but there are times we go on diets. The truth is, even a skinny person can have a stomach where it looks like the fat is overlapping. And depending on your views, it can be a good or bad thing. As we practiced more and more, there was a new found determination.

Out of all the After School girls, leader Kahi is receiving the most attention from fans. All the girls have always had beautiful bodies but fans feel that Kahi has improved the most. She commented on her fit body saying, “Since I was young, I loved to exercise and dance a lot. I think because of that my body naturally developed the way it is. After losing all my baby fat and as I grew older, it all happened on its own. Since it’s natural, I don’t try too hard as to not disrupt it.

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