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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

![Fanaccount] Hankyung loves and cares about his fans!

Since many accounts would be really long…seems fans really like to talk a lot after seeing Han Geng^^ I will try to translate or highlight the most important parts…I will indicate the author if it is required, otherwise, some of them may be hard to trace back, since I read them from different sources, have to apologize in advance…

I would like to share one from an ELF.

This girl was so moved by some details happened during picking up process. She saw a gengfan
attempted to pass on a gift package to Han Geng, but the bodyguard stopped her, there was a little physical contact, Han Geng told the bodyguard, “do not push her.” (finally, the gift was given to the staff sent by event organizer, so it will be in Han Geng’s hand later^^). When Han Geng and Sun Le got into the car and drove out of the Shenzhen Airport, this girl and her friends chased the car. When the car was about to get into highway entrance, it suddenly stopped. The girl ran to the car and screamed Han Geng’s name, then she found out that was Han Geng asking the driver to stop and appease their excitement, since it would be too dangerous if they followed into highway. After the car restarted, this girl started to cry.

In conclusion, she said, “I am not a Geng fan, but I love him. I used to think Geng fans are too crazy, and sometimes I didn’t understand why. I didn’t understand how come Han Geng’s charms can drag in so many people’s hearts. Now, I finally understand, how much he loves his fans.”

Credit: bristlegass@forhangeng.wordpress.com
Credits: 韩庚吧 | Photo by: 芝庚庚
Shared by dDonika at sj-world.net

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