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Thursday, April 8, 2010

!Jo PD, “JaeBum’s secession from 2PM, rather than an unilateral problem, it was the difference in code”

Singer producer Jo PD’s comments on the succession of member Park JaeBum from 2PM draw attention from netizens.
Recently, Jo PD who is recently working with SuperStar K Jung SeulGi for her album, had an interview was conducted at his company office. And when asked which idol singer had his most interests lately and his answer was ‘JaeBum’.
During the interview, he said, “It seems that the company and the artiste are not at the same inclination. Instead of thinking that it was an unilateral mistake, the fundamental problem is the difference in code.” giving his opinions on it.

“But as much as they have had successful results, the situation was a shame for the both side. Shouldn’t it be the case where when a talent artiste meets a competent company, they will show music which portrays ‘people to people’?”
With that, the company representative said, “To Jo PD who has worked with singers like Brown Eyed Girls, In Sooni, Lee JungHyun as well as new singers, such problems are just ordinary for him. He had never picked a specific target by talking with the past teams again whenever he received a question.”

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