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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

![NEWS] “She’s Back” Season 5 Directors and Coordinators are All Idol Army’s Mothers?

It was time for “General Hospital’s” special of checking Idol Army’s health conditions.
Although it wasn’t aired on the episode, the members were checked separately for their health conditions when MBLAQ’s youngest, Mir couldn’t help but burst during his talk with the doctor and said, “These days because of all the hard work I think of my parents more often..”
I who was in the same room forgot that we were in the middle of filming started saying, ‘That little child..’ and fell into an ‘emotional mode.’ In a short time, the only way to survive in the entertainment world is to win and was worried that they were already exhausted. Maybe that’s why were called the ‘Mother Black.” During the few months “Idol Army: She’s Back” was made, the producers asked, “How are you their mother?” but we revealed that the true meaning was ‘Mother Black.’

Not long ago, by chance, I found an article a moment too late that said, ‘MBLAQ isn’t being shown well, it’s becoming a shadow to what 2PM is.” For those few months, being a member of the ‘Mother Black’, I felt more curious than bad. First of all, the journalist only put the world ‘MBLAQ’ in front of the program name, and not the tremendous title of “She’s Back!” and wondered whether or not he knew that the young idols, in front of the lady ran energetically and showed their wonderful talents.
And, “She’s Back,” Season 5, was clearly known everywhere that the MBLAQ members instead of showing a ‘wow~ wow~’ foolish image and acting in front of the guest lady did their best in everything and showed charisma and made the program a fun outgoing show.
In fact, they didn?t perform how the previous Idol Armies did with ‘Their spirit to be number one,’ or ‘They had expressions that said they would be fine as long as they weren’t last’ which can be thought as very unsatisfactory. However, the way the members of MBLAQ did it, they were cute with high spirit and were at their best.
Truthfully, in my opinion, I believe their reactions to maximize public relations, concept, competition tools, and strategies to show Idol Army their efforts were enjoyed by the public greatly.
Either way, “She’s Back’ Season 5’s last episode has ended. However, it doesn’t seem like it’s ended in our hearts, especially through the heartfelt lyrics, ‘Say the words that I’m thankful, the words to be well tomorrow” sung by G.O.
In all the programs that the Idols have been the main character for, I think ‘She’s Back’ is especially the most interesting one. Because it is the program that made the PD’s and writers, Shin Bong Sun and Boom all ‘mothers.’
The person who’s reliable but can make everyone stiff by asking “why?’ when he is asked to do something, Seung Ho, the person who’s so handsome that even the ‘Mother Blacks’ get surprised, G.O., the person who used to be so awkward in front of a camera suddenly became cute in front of it, Joon, the baby face who suddenly became a man, Doong, and finally the youngest person who still only does the little cute things, Mir. I’m sure for a while; I’ll miss even their noise of complaints.
<Lee Yoon Hwa. MBC everyone PD>

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