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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

!TV GUIDE April 2010 Issue – Jaejoong “I hope that everyone can be courageous and try your best in life”

“I hope that everyone can be courageous and try your best in life” — Jaejoong
Today’s Person — Jaejoong
1986.1.26 Born in Korea. Aquarius. Blood type ‘O’. Avex Corporation. 2004 in Korea, 2005 debuted in Japan as a singer; Now acted in Japanese drama for the first time.

“I love the tension when I’m challenging new things! I’m also looking forward to the fans’ reactions!”
This drama described to us that it’s about the friendship between 5 men and women who get to know each other through Twitter and Jaejoong acted as a Korean who sell medical devices — Park Sung Soo.
Jaejoong: When they decided to let me act in the drama, I was thinking “Is it true?” (Laugh). Although I do feel puzzled for the cultural differences during filming, but I like the tension when I’m challenging something new and I’m also looking forward to the fans’ reactions after watching the new side of me.
You have been appraised for being cute when you tell jokes at the filming scene.
Jaejoong: Maybe it’s due to the character that I’m acting as who is funny in the personality, so that’s why I’m telling jokes. 2 seconds later, the atmosphere will become somewhat delicate and everyone seems to accept it as it might be due to my inaccurate Japanese. In our members, Junsu always tell some unexpected oyaji gags, so I think next time I should try to say some. (Laugh)
5 of you have your own indescribable anguish.
Jaejoong: Although everyone has worked very hard, but because of the strong friendship between each other and the optimism which was shown during meetup, those problems and anguish will definitely be successfully solved. Therefore, I hope that everyone can be courageous and try your best in life.
5 Main Leads’ Interview
Where is your attribution? Which part of you is then your true self? Although you would like to be relatively straightforward, but you just can’t do it. Although you would like to become mature, but you’re unable to do so. The youth drama which narrated about 5 men and women used Twitter to tell their loneliness and feelings, is finally going to start.
Eita: Recently, all of us went to have dinner together. The feeling at that time is exactly the same as the 5 of us meet up together for the first time in the first episode.
Ueno: Although Eita was quite shy in the beginning, but after awhile, everyone get to know each other better. In the later part, everyone make fun of Jaejoong when he paste the moustache on his face (Laugh). I find that the relationship between us are really good and we are really happy!
Seki: We have talked a lot of topics including this drama too. However, we really like Jaejoong’s personality.
Tamayama: He will immediately blushed and it’s really cute. But I was being fuddled after that. (Laugh)
Jaejoong: I’m sorry. (Embarrassed) I think Tamayama is like a big brother from next door. His character in the drama is also the same. Whenever I have some problems in my Japanese, he will definitely help me…
Ueno: Because of Tamayama, there is then a feeling of harmony. Because of his ultra-soft attitude, the atmosphere is awesome at the site. He can be described as the existence of our ‘brother’.
Tamayama: I’m a uncle as I’m already 30 years old this year. Therefore (Laugh), I won’t be too harsh to myself and Eita had also become even more mature. He give me the feeling of a troupe’s leader.
Eita: Thank you. However, I hope to be a moodmaker so this time round I’ll work hard to be qualified as one. (Laugh)
Seki: If Eita said that he wanted to have some atmosphere, then from now on I’ll be looking forward to the conversation between PITI and NAKAJI. (T/N: NAKAJI is Eita’s name in the drama, while PITI is Seki’s name in the drama)
Eita: In 2007, when I’m working together with her (Seki Megumi) in “Ahiru Kamo no Coin Locker”, I’ve already realised that “Amanojaku” really do exist. (Laugh) She’s really a very charismatic person. (T/N: “Amanojaku” is a monster in a legend. It can be aware of people and also, it’s able to make people to say out their thoughts which are totally opposite in their hearts.)
Jaejoong: If there’s really such encounter, then why not we start using Twitter?
Ueno: Although I feel that it would be better to say it in private, but this suggestion is not bad.
Tamayama: That’s good. so 5 of us are going to start together?
Seki: I will browse it. (Laugh)
Eita: You’re seriously a “Amanojaku” (Laugh). I will also say it in private, so this is it for now!
Source: HEY!JJ + 小傻家的她 @ TVXQBaidubar
Translation: sicashinki @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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