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Saturday, April 3, 2010

![News] SS501 Kim HyunJoong, “Further studies in Spain, unable to keep to promise of releasing album”

2010-04-02 14:36
Fans fell into the trap of April Fool lies that SS501 had came up with on April Fools’ Day.
On the 1st on their official homepage, Kim HyunJoong has written, “On Wednesday, the 7th, I’d be going to Spain to study abroad. I have many headache problems on mind, after I sort out my thoughts for abit, I’d return”, revealing this. To this, “We are supposed to release the 501 album, but we have not even recorded for any single song, and not even a song has been produced, now my mind is in a painful state. Seems like we’re not able to keep to the promise of releasing album on May 1. Sorry” was also written. Again, “Don’t find it too puzzling to this choice, keep supporting like you’d always done so right until now. Sincerely. Without regrets to my choice, believe in it that way. Writing my final piece in the homepage” was been written in such a way.
Indeed, Heo YoungSaeng also wrote a piece with the title “Sorry” on the 1st. He wrote, “May 1 is the 501 day by right, we promised to bring about a good album and show to you all, but now, it seems like we can’t keep to that promise anymore. 5 of us are forever as one, shout it out loud like that, not something that couldn’t be stopped about. 5 years have flowed by like this, time really flies, there were really many matters which happened, lots of pleasant memories as well, those moments when we laughed, and cried together, certainly, I’d not be able to forget that in my life. I love you, and I am sorry”, which surprised the fans. However, at the end of the piece, “Today is April fools’ day? Gotcha! Sorry~” was told, after which he went into the Tok room and left this “it is an April Fool’s play”, which further proved his joke to be effective after successfully pulling off the trick.
To this cute yet terrible lie pranked on them, fans said, “very shocked”, “please don’t play such a joke” etc, thus seeing the various different reactions caused about, on the other hand, “may KimHyunjoong’s explanation post be out soon”, “may the truth be revealed”, hence showing that fans did not leave any doubts to the jokes at all.

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