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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

!T-Max Park YoonHwa leaves the team to prepare for army enlistment

Male vocal group T-Max youngest member Park YoonHwa is said to have voluntarily left the group on reasons that he will be heading to the army this year.
Park YoonHwa revealed his decision on T-Max’s official fancafe on 5th April. And the main reason for him leaving the team is that he will be leaving for the army soon.
He wrote, “Rather than personal reasons, like everyone is aware, I will be heading the to the army for my duties as a Korean man. Since there is a lot of things I need to see to personally, I will leave a quick farewell here.”
“All this time, I have been preparing hard, and there are still a lot that I’ve yet to show, I am sorry for bidding farewell like that. This is a decision made with much thought and worry, so I hope that everyone will understand. I hope everyone will still continue to support T-Max.”

He ended with, “When I am back, I will be back with more cool features as a singer on stage that will surprise everyone. Thank you for always loving and supporting me.”
According to T-Max’s company on 6th April, “The exact date for his enlistment into the army has yet been decided. He should be enlisting this summer~autumn.”
The rep added, “He did not want to burden the group with problem that he will be heading to army soon since they are currently preparing for their full length album release. He will join T-Max again after he is discharged from the army.”
There are plans for the group to release a full length album coming May. The group will consist of Kim Joon, Shin MinChul and new member Park HanBi who recently joined the team.

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