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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

![Info] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun “SS501 Music High” changes+PD Yi Jun Won message translation (About Hyung Jun Part)

Here is part of the message of PD Yi Jun Won talking about Hyung Jun
In fact, tell the truth, Hyung-jun is the first DJ really under my production.  Although I  did some broadcast before but those are already done by some experienced sunbae, I just took over, also were working with some very DJ with a lot of experience so always feel that those were not entirely my own production.
But Hyung Jun is the one who reallt influenced by me, growing together with me
The first DJ under my production, “My Baby”
Working under a inexperience PD (Oh! I am not only an inexperience PD)
Following a PD with not so good personality also, Hyung Jun really must suffered a lot
Talk a lot, curse him for many times, also lost my temper a lot
However, he never complained about anything and follow my order to do, I feel really very grateful to Jun DJ (However, it is also because Unna, I like you, is it going to  justify this? Hehe)
Hyung-jun is really a very kind-hearted child, Not the least bit soft shadows in bright Mind.  This is my feeling during this year when we are working together.
I think really there will no longer have such a good DJ and writer…
This was what happening during the last recording on last Sunday we worked together.  Hyung Jun suddenly cried when he was saying to unnas was the last time working together.  I suddenly laughed and said: ‘What , you kid cried again ~ haha ” However, when I turned around and saw writer unna, also found that her eyes were all red and crying too. . . ;;
Almost every day, two good people and a cold-blooded person working together in the recordings Studios
Reading all the sad posts, DJ and writer cried but only the PD is insensitive … probably the situation is like that…Ha ha ha
For all the staff working everyday with this always having temper, also narrow-minded PD like me are feeling really very grateful
The last day of recording, the PD and writers which will soon be receiving this show are all in.  DJ and writer were crying so heavily, they really felt embarrassed for a while.
Then say: “Why are you all crying~ are we becoming some kind of invader?  ~ haha”
The soon take over PD is a very distinguished sunbae I admire, really isa very good PD
So I can go without worry
He must become a good PD for DJ Hyung Jun , a good hyung
Also hope that you can, as always, give enthusiastic support

Credti: http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/+http://www.kimhyungjoon.com/
Don’t reeddit
English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com

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