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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

![TRANSLATIONS]Big Bang featured in COOL Music magazine

Even though the “BIGSHOW” in Seoul has been over for quite some time, but BIGBANG’s impact doesn’t seem to be reducing. They are currently making efforts through their own ways to carve a name for their group in the present age. Without a doubt, their appearance today had very much excited the VIPs and reporters at the scene, beginning at the red carpet, the scene was surrounded by burst after burst of chatterings, each louder than another. BIGBANG member said frankly that “they had always wanted to take part in charity activities” “to do more meaningful things as such”, so they specially donated the costumes that they wore during the “BIG SHOW”. Although TOP wasn’t able to be present due to his personal schedule but the fans still gave the fullest support to the members.
The youngest member in the group Seungri, who is outspoken, entered the hall leisurely, appearing self confident as usual. Only when the fans showed signs of danger due to pushing, that he turned back to his ‘friendly outlook’ and immediately helped to maintain order. Daesung was still smiling brightly like a sunflower, was often asked and surrounded by fans for a handshake. He shows more natural shyness as compared to the members who are more nonchalant. On that day Taeyang’s style, if you really want to say it … then it is ragged. Stubbles with huge sunglasses, Youngbae who is although disadvantaged in terms of height, made a strong presence. GD on the other hand, was more composed, as compared to his usual infectious character on stage, perhaps the seniors made him nervous? Fortunately after leading the members into the event hall, he immediately became active again, making faces, foolish smiles, being funny and all.
Although previously they have been concentrating in Japan but BIGBANG did not forget about their fans in Korea. When participating in TV programs in Japan, the members will always use various ways to express this feeling. “While doing overseas activities, we always feel lonely and tired. During times like these we really missed the V.I.P!” Not long ago, they were finally awarded with the Best New Artistes award at the 24th Japan Golden Disk award ceremony, making an victorious debut in Japan. In order to soothe their Korean fans’ anxious hearts, BIGBANG released <Lollipop Pt.2> last month. Although it is an advertisement song but it received much love and support. Besides these activities, TOP is anxiously preparing for his solo album, with the intention of releasing a new song in the first half of the year; Taeyang has been invited as a guest performer for American singer Brian McKnight’s concert in Seoul on April 1st; Seungri finally fulfilled his wish of attending Chung-Ang university’s theatre and acting faculty. As for BIGBANG’s official comeback in Korea, well…..we can only depend on heaven’s will and hope for our wish to be fulfilled soon.

As the members are usually rather quiet, therefore BIGBANG’s waiting room rarely will have high decibel(?) situation. When there are fans gathering outside the room, except for Seungri who will raise his hands and wave, the others will just smile and enter the waiting room. Seungri’s carefully planned escape plans are always thwarted by the hyungs’ loud exclamations. So while on standby, he would always wait for opportunities to look for excuses to stroll around the corridors but will always be held back by the hyungs. Taeyang doesn’t talk much but always managed to find something that will make himself happy. Ever since Daesung starred in [Family Outing], watching his program has become Taeyang’s favorite hobby. TOP’s sharp eyes still let people feel memorable. GD’s fashion sense has extent to the waiting room. When there is nothing to do, he will try on more advanced style. Of course GD’s pet has also become a regular guest at the TV station, when no one is paying attention to him, he will look for a comfortable position to sleep.

Translated Miseremei @ bigbanghaven
cr: jenpai@ibb

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