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Sunday, March 28, 2010

!Minhwan Cyworld Update (1)

2010.03.25 목 22:54
♥ Introduction ♥
01. Name: Choi EeAaEe (mInArI much? XD)
02. Birthdate & Sign: Nov. 11, 1992 Scorpio
03. Blood Type: A
04. School: Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA)
05. Height: 120cm, is that right? kekeke
06. Eyesightː 0.5 0.5 farsighted…
07. Jobː Music
08. Religionː Minhwan religion
09. Nicknameː Minari, Choi Minal
10. Personalityː Timid?? Heheh
♥ Likings ♥
01. Favorite foodː Chicken!!!
02. Most touching movieː There’s a lot but I don’t remember~
03. Most touching bookː Robinson Crusoe~kekeke
04. Favorite weatherː Sunny but cool weather
05. Favorite artistː That..FTIsland
06. Favorite seasonː Fall
07. Favorite day of the weekː Saturday!!
08. Favorite TV programː I don’t know~
09. Favorite songː Muse-unintended
10. Favorite gameː Pah Okay!!(work) *[not sure about this one]

♥ Composition ♥
01. Complexː My face getting swollen..ㅜ
02. Banner (words written on the LCD screen) on your phoneː I didn’t write anything..;;
03. Average amount of text messages sent in a dayː 10?
04. Buddy IDː Secret..ㅜ
05. Perfume I’m currently usingː Rockx light blue
06. Cyworld addressː Here..ke
07. Monthly allowanceː 100,000 won (87.63US)?? I think there’s some I don’t use in there..ㅠ
08. When I’m alone and patheticː When I cryㅜㅜ
09. Cellphone numberː 000-0000-0000
10. When my confidence is boostedː 1 point out of 1 point. *[parody of 2PM's 10 Points out of 10 Points]
♥ Love 1 ♥
01. First loveː There is one~
02. Person you likeː Family, members!
03. Person in a relationshipː Let’s match our thoughts~
04. Ideal typeː Girls who are originally shorter than me but the same? Heh
05. Love at first sightː It’s out there, of course…Heh
06. Love vs friendshipː Love~! If you choose love, friendship can never leave you!!!^^
07. The person I love vs Person who loves meː The person I love!!!
08. The time you most want to see the person you like: I want to see you..ㅜ
09. The factor which you notice first of the opposite sexː personality
10. Love isː So important that it hurts
♥ Random ♥
01. A dream which you remember most clearlyː A dream where my parents passed awayㅠㅠ
02. A trait from the opposite sex which you hate the mostː Having no sense
03. A person whom you respectː my father
04. A place where you hang out a lot these daysː Haejangguk *[a place to drink to relieve your hangover]
05. A clothes brand which you enjoyː I guess I don’t know..
06. Something you would want to do on your 100th day in a relationshipː Kissㅡ 3ㅡ
07. A genuine friendː My friend
08. The biggest lie in my lifeː ddengddeng-ee..ㅜ *[one who fools around & goofs off]
09. Current hair styleː It’s black hair~
10. An occurrence which you want to admit happenedː How I made a song dedicated to one person and gave it as a present
♥ Love 2 ♥
01. A good trait of someone you first meetː They’re happy
02. A bad trait of someone you first meetː I miss them
03. Senior or Junior or 갑ː Hm..Although I like them all..ㅜStill senior?
04. Something you want to receive from the opposite sex you likeː Underwear *[LOL.]
05. A perfume which you want to give to the opposite sex you likeː I don’t know very wellㅠ
06. The first thing you would do when you like someoneː Text them
07. My ideal loverː A girl who lacks a little bit so I can take care of them
08. Girlfriend vs. spouseː Girlfriend is love and spouse is reality
09. Something I would want to say to the person I like and really mean itː Trust me!
10. A song which you want to sing to the person you likeː Because I Didn’t Know How To Love
♥ The Past ♥
01. The number of people who have confessed they liked meː I guess I don’t know..
02. The number of the opposite sex which I confessed to?: Is it 3 people? ke I don’t know
03. The first time I touched alcoholː 4 years old kekekeke
04. A memorable placeː Seoul station
05. The time where I cried the mostː When a family member passed away..
06. A vacation which I rememberː Since I was young I don’t remember
07. Old beeper numberː Bbeebbee~
08. Something that gave me strength when it was hardː You guys all know, right? Heheh
09. The biggest thing I’ve boughtː Members and..Heh
10. Something I regret nowː I have no regrets in my life.
♥ Which one I prefer ♥
01. What I likeː Eating
02. What I hateː Not eating
03. What I’m wearing over my body right nowː Panty ke
04. A house I want to buyː A normal house on 32pyeong *[land measurement for six square cheok]
05. #1 treasureː cellphone??
06. My favorite proverbː If you don’t walk today you need to run tomorrow
07. The question that people ask me the most?ː How old are you? *[LOL]
08. What I currently want really badlyː A passport wallet?
09. A feature I really like on my appearanceː Is there one..ㅜ
10. Something you want to change right awayː None
♥ Choosing an option ♥
01. Opposite sex who smokes hate it/like itː Hate it!!!
02. Ha LeeSoo is a girl/guyː They’re a girl, aren’t they~ *[Ha LeeSoo is a transsexual person who turned from a guy into a woman]
03. If your parents refuse your marriage, will you break up/run awayː Until I get permission I won’t break up
04. I like a rainy day/snowy dayː Snowy day!
05. You can be a friend/not be a friend with a person you broke up withː I don’t think I’ll be able to spend time with them..ㅜㅜ
06. Because I am a boy/girl I am satisfied/not satisfiedː Satisfied^^
07. If I break up with the person I like I get angry/cryː I accept it
08. Thunder and lightning is scary/funː Scary
09. I want to become a person who has a good appearance/personalityː Personality!
♥ The Future ♥
01. Future hopeː Good husband
02. The year you would want to travel to if there was a time machineː 2016
03. If you were invisible for a dayː It would be fun!!! Heheh
04. If an impressive person of the opposite sex asks you for a kiss in downtownː I would reject
05. A name you want to give to your future childː Choi Minhae?
06. If you studied abroad, which countryː America
07. Your schedule for a date with your loverː Secret~~
08. If a famous entertainment industry asked you to become a celebrityː Oh my..
09. If you wanted to write 100 questions and 100 answers, what is your question?ː It seems like all of them are done..heheh
10. Your future planː Kekeke it feels as if I’m doing an interview~ㅃㅇ

redits: Minhwan’s cy+Hongki.love&xj. jin @soompi (translation)+Ftworldfriends[ohshin]@wordpress

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