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Monday, March 29, 2010

!“Pretty boy” Choi Siwon’s new Korean drama enthusiastically overwhelmed the small screen

In 2006, with his good looks and popularity, Asia’s famous boy band Super Junior’s pretty boy Choi Siwon was casted in the movie A Battle of Wits, acting as the prince Liang Cheng, together with Andy Lau and many other superstars. After that, he, who could basically only focus on his singing career, finally got casted this year, at the end of January, for SBS’ new drama OH! My Lady as the main male leader. That is, of course, preceded by his other drama, The Legend of Hyang Dan, which was broadcasted on MBC in 2007. Three years after, he is returning once again to his actor career. Furthermore, it will be his first time collaborating with the popular actress in Korea, Chae Rim, where they will both interpret the love story of a top star and his auntie-aged manager.

As soon as the news has been spread out, causing the concern of many people at the same time, Choi Siwon’s fans expressed their infinite expectations and supports. Especially the Korean fans who used different ways to promote the new drama, supporting their idol, so as its release would go well.
OH! My Lady is a romantic comedy about a woman, Yoon Gae Hwa, whose age above 30, and after her divorce, she is left with her daughter. In order to survive in this society, she came out, seeking for a job, but accidentally became the manager of the pretty boy top star, Sung Min Woo (Choi Siwon). Even though she doesn’t really appreciate the attitude of the big stars, she decided to re-create the stars’ path. Who would of known that both will end up having feelings for each other.
OH! My Lady is to be broadcasted on March 22nd, believing that this drama’s release will create another great wave for the Korean dramas.

Credits to: Tencent.
Translated by: snowyelf @ sj-world.net
May take out with full credits

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