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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

![NEWS] Han Geng made first public appearance after case of contract termination!s

Yesterday night (Night of 26th March), Han Geng attended the finals of the Migu Show. Since the news breakout of his contract termination last year, he made his first public appearance. This attracted large amount of media and fans, causing chaos at the studio. Before the activity starts, he accepted a short interview from the media. As for the news everyone cared for, the progress of his contract termination case and about his new company, he kept mum about it. He stated that, ‘Now isn’t the time to discuss about this issue’.

Many fans attended the show causing chaos
Media waited two long hours for a seven minutes interview

Since Han Geng’s dispute with his Korean company last year, there were a lot of reports on him but he had never appeared in front of the public crowd. Yesterday was the last episode of the Migu Show, they invited Jay Chou and him as guests, and this was also his first public appearance since the news breakout.
Han Geng’s fans got the first hand news and waited at the studio since in the afternoon causing a big human jam. Those who had the tickets started queuing 4 to 5 hours before the show while those who don’t have the tickets were wandering around. The situation was quite chaotic.
That night, the organizers arranged Han Geng for a media interview, but the interview was delayed and delayed again. The media waited a full 2 hours before the interview started. Before the interview, it was made cleared that there should be no questions about the contract termination or any questions related to the current news of his new company. During the interview, the organizers arranged a ‘main member’ for asking the questions. So all the questions were about the activity that night and there was also time set aside for fans to give presents, causing the 10 over media at the scenes to be extremely unhappy. This situation causes the media there to start a ‘war’ of questioning. In this situation, Han Geng was extremely awkward so the interview only goes on for 7 minutes and was hastily wrapped up.

Went to the America for dancing and singing courses
Denied opening a dance school with Jay Chou

Han Geng stated in the interview that he stayed in America for half a month. He was there to improve on his dancing and music capabilities, including learning from Michael Jackson’s dance choreographer. He said, ‘I had some free time on hand so I decided to recharge myself and do things I loved.’ There was news stating that Han Geng had started to prepare for his new album in America. He denied the news of him preparing for his new album. ‘I wasn’t doing any preparation for any new album there. I was just there to learn more things because I wanted everyone to see a brand new Han Geng.’

There were reports about Jay Chou and him opening a dance school the day before, he shook his head and denied this piece of information. ‘I don’t know who came up with such news again’

Avoid talking about contract issues
Don’t mind collaborating with Super Junior members again

Han Geng’s publicist reminded the media again and again before the interview that no questions about the case should be asked, because if there is any discussion, it would affect the progress. But, the fate of Han Geng’s future is under great attention. He admitted that there were several companies that made contact with him but he would not talk about it now. He only said that he is also currently still waiting for the outcome so he cannot talk about it and did not reveal anymore.

Han Geng also stated that he had not thought much about his future. He did not make a comment about the news of him joining a new group; he just said that he did not think about whether to come back as a soloist or a member of a group. But, he hoped that he can work with some outstanding artistes in near future. If there is a chance, he felt that collaborating with members of Super Junior again would not be a problem. Even though going through the contract termination crisis, he expressed that he is still in contact with the members of Super Junior from time to time, proving that their relationship is still good, not strained.

Source: Ent163
Translated by: huiwen@sj-world.net

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