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Monday, March 29, 2010

!Another Fan Report – Yunho’s This Is It! 100327

Yunho came on to the stage and he was glowing. The white shirt he was wearing and the strobe lights probably helped. But Jesus Christ he was so so so handsome. His hair was styled really nice, his body was lean and tall as always, and he moved with fluid grace and passion. It sounds so cheesy, but he was just perfect.
He performed Beat It, Smooth Criminal, They Don’t Really Care About Us, another song for which the title wasn’t displayed (Jam?), and Thriller. Five songs, not seven. There might have been technical issues.
For Beat It, he was wearing a white shirt and I spent a lot of my time looking at the screen because the girls in front of me were blocking him. But God, he was beautiful. His legs and hips pretty much made everybody wild and he was such a playful boy when he went over to the guitarist and flirted with him. There was much flirting with the band. Much thrusting, too. (This part is so irrelevant, since the performance video has been posted, lol.)
During Smooth Criminal, I was just amazed by how fast and sharp his movements were. Remembering all the end of the year tributes from this last December, none of those kids have anything on this man. I mean, granted, he did spend a week or two in America training for 10 hours a day, but still – you can’t just learn that talent. He was so on. And his singing. It was so hard to believe that he was singing, the same U Know Yunho whose English fail I always make fun of.
For They Don’t Really Care About Us and the other song, which he kind of performed together – well he was just so shiny! You can see all the rhinestones or whatever in the above pictures. Imagine lights flashing down on that. His outfit was very shiny and he sparkled.
He came marching out onto the stage and guh. It makes me think of the DongBang concerts in general, because they like to make them come marching out like soldiers. And he still pulls it off so well. So much discipline, that man. I love watching his legs work. His feet are so fast.
The show closed with Thriller. The back up dancers were all dressed up, but he was in track pants. lol Not that I care, because he looks amazing in anything and Jesus you could see his bulge in those track pants. There was much thrusting, more flirting with the band, and some stomping. But he didn’t stomp all the way, like the dancers. He was too busy just… enjoying himself.
I forget which song, but he was having a really good time air guitaring. HE IS SO DAMN CUTE.
This is why I love watching him perform. He loves to perform and it always always shows. His energy is so high, his smiles so bright and genuine – it touched me so much to see him on stage doing something so big. Michael Jackson was his biggest idol, and he got to perform on something of a world-wide stage in his honor. That’s just phenomenal. I’m so happy he got the chance. I’m so happy I got to see him really take advantage of that. It sounds cheesy, but it’s like sharing in his joy. And God, the man makes me so happy.
Okay, Imma stop it there before I start getting too deep. *-* I’m just still awestruck.
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Isak Tweets About ‘This Is It and U-Know Live!’ 100328

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