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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

!Japanese Fan Report – Yunho at Michael Jackson’s Memorial Concert 2nd Night 100328

An article from a Japanese blog (Part 2)
20100328 Report of the concert, lovelier than yesterday(^^)
Today, again, we went to the concert~
(T/N: the blog authors YELLOW and BLUE went to the concert on both 27th and 28th.)
YELLOW and BLUE again.
Today was sunny.
Well, the weather was cold again, but it was warmer than yesterday, we didn’t need body warmers.
Today, we heard that the doors would be open on 4:00pm, so we arrived at the venue on 3:45pm,
but it was still in the middle of the rehearsals~
Yunho was dancing~
We could catch a glimpse of him, but he was still wearing plain clothes, and the staff said to keep on walking~~
We only thought, “Oh, that is Yunho during the rehearsals”…
Yunho~ are you still during the rehearsals~? (Lol)
The rehearsals continued after that, and the doors were at last open around 17:00~
Today, we stood in a line in order to get into the venue in numerical order
(yesterday, it was first come, first served basis).
Just that time, we found RYO, one of the Toho dancers!!
Our tension was upward at a burst!! BLUE went to greet him.
He came to see our Yunho~~
So delighted!!!!
RYO~~~ Thank you~~~!!!
Today’s performance started!!
We stood in a rather rear block, but our place was near the front.
We were battling with the others and also with the partition, much more than the day before.
Yunho appeared on the stage~~ from the beneath, with the sound BANG! So cool!!
Yunho!! Oh~~!!
I really like this costume~~
I think the neckline was plunging more than yesterday, so sexy.
His dance was sharper than that of yesterday.
His fingertips were moving, beautiful fingers~ the ring on his right fourth finger was sparkling~
And, he was pointing right and left~~ oh, he pointed to us again~~ oh, we were so excited…
It was as though we were to fall down behind!!
He got us~~ (lol)
The S line movements of Yunho’s waist & hip were beyond imagination~~ so lovely~~
The time when he was tangling with the lady guitarist~~ there was a difference in their heights,
That eye line from the above, that Yunho does regularly~~ his neck was so lovely, I wanted to touch his neck~~
BLUE was saying that she wanted to touch Yunho’s butt from his back・・・
(T/N: YELLOW favors Yunho and Changmin, and BLUE favors Junsu.)
He made the greetings with puff and blow~~
I didn’t remember what he said・・・
I think it was shorter than the day before, maybe?
②Smooth Criminal
I didn’t see in details yesterday・・・
During the first appearance, Yunho’s shadow was reflected in the white curtain, and Yunho was dancing backstage.
His shadow, dancing, was cool, too~~
Then, the curtain opened, and Yunho appeared~
Of course his face was full of charismatic charms~~
Maybe Yunho’s hands were big, when he held the hat, the hat seemed small~~
Oh, today, though he swiftly inclined his head, his hat did not fall off~~
Maybe he was alert and abile today. For a moment, I thought that the hat would fall off, but it didn’t, well done!!
He was hot and cool~~
During this song, he slipped, and nearly fell down, and I was worried~~
But he immediately recovered~~
Anyway, Yunho was so cool, he was duplicating Michael’s dance~~
Sorry, I could not express any further…
③They Don’t care About US
The dancers of this song had a helmet on their heads, they were like Goomba (T/N: characters of Mario), cute heads.
During this song, there should be a dance gyrating his hips, but thanks to the great lighting-up and smoke,
I could not see clearly…
Oh, his neck is long, or to say correctly, his neck became slim, his nape was clean-limbed during his marching steps~~.
He was beautiful~~ Beauty was added to Yunho’s manly charismatic charms~~
I realized that Yunho was inflaming us by saying “JAM!!”
Yes, we were calling out together with Yunho, such a delightful song~~
And the illumination was~ bluish~~ since Yunho was white and glittering, it was beautiful~~
What did I not explain yet~~?
We could see his very cute smile many times during this song, oh, I said outloud, “So CUTE!!”
After he performed with the bass guitar, he blew a kiss to the guitar player and run backwards~~
So cute again~~~
After the performance with the guitar player, Yunho bent backwards, still continuing the guitar playing gesture,
He bent backwards doing the air guitar, but he was bending backwards as if he was dancing the limbo, so cool!
Yunho was always tapping the shoulders of his partners, so cute.
~Yunho call~
The performers inflamed us, the Yunho call, which was not called yesterday.
Today, the costume was different~
Yesterday, it was like the bike riders with the black jacket, but today, he was wearing a sleeveless outfit.
Like a long vest, black in color.
He had on black gloves.
We were able to see his upper arms, yoked and manly~ aggressively cute. We could see his armpits, too. (lol)
Thriller was the last song, I seemed to be excited, I could not remember in details..
Anyway, his Thriller dance was cool, all the other dances were cool,
The dances of the surrounding dancers were fascinating,
Yunho was hot looking, eye lines from above, hair blowing…
Oh, that eerie HAHAHAHA, Yunho was also saying them, cute and funny.
Yunho~ terrific!
~Last greetings~
Everyone stood in a line, and bent their knees together~
Yunho was saying something, but I could not understand~
But I was somber for a moment~
Yunho seemed to be saying~~ I’ll do my best as Uknow Yunho~~ but you are already doing your best.
I was very impressed by him.
Yunho was hugging the performers. He was hugged by the men performers. (lol)
He was blowing kisses. I thought his performance was better than yesterday.
His vocal was, it was not the regular Yunho of Tohoshinki,
It was that throatily voice.
It was totally different from the regular Yunho, and was good, too~~
All the other performers, they were better than yesterday.
The vocals were different~
Yunho was really hot and cool.
What should we do~ he is always our Yunho, whom we are proud of.
I am proud that I love him.
Good job.
Sweet dreams~~
Good bye, Korea~
Yunho~ we will be waiting for you in Japan~~~

Source: In 東方神起 and eternity. ~toko? wantebakk~ & kisyh26 @ youtube
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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