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Sunday, March 28, 2010

![Trans] Key-I saw Key-kun at the jacket cover of "2009, YEAR OF US, I was really shocked.

"If we see their happy faces, we feel more happy"

● You debuted on May and it's already your 2nd year. Being the oldest from the group, What do you think of SHINee recently?
Onew: I think we are accustomed in many different ways. When we are going to do something before, we're always shaking because we feel nervous. Of course it doesn't mean that we are not nervous now, But we feel more comfortable when were going up on stage and have eye-contact with our fans, Since then we are having so much fun.

● Do you often have eye-contact with your fans?
Onew: Yes of course

● So during the time, do you stare at the fans eyes steadily?
Onew: I stare and show my smile.

● That will truly make the fans happy!
Onew: Yes. They feel happy so If we see their happy faces, we feel more happy.

● During your activities of your mini album "2009, YEAR OF US", You often appeared at a variety shows right?
Onew: Yes, We are also getting accustomed to it and we enjoy it actively.

● Does Onew-Kun have interest to make people laugh?
Onew: Kwack!

● Eh? Eh? What?
Onew: Kwack! Kwack! Kwack! ^▽^

● It's Donald Duck! (laughs)
Onew: I doesn't hate to make people laugh like this! ^▽^

● You're so good! (laughs)
Onew: Two years have passed nearly so I had the time to show this kind of side.

● Can you tell us what kind of album do you listen recently?
Onew: Jamie Cullum's 1st Album. I really really love the song "Twenty Something". I also listen to George Benson.

● Besides music, What kind of things are you having fun?
Onew: I'm having fun recording and collecting the variety shows that I appeared and watch them.

● Do you really love yourself that much?
Onew: No! No! I'm not narcissistic ^▽^ It's not like that, I'm convincing of what the people are reacting to me like the things I said, the things that I had done. I don't have time to look myself at the actual spot so I check and get ready for the next recording.

● We are going to interview Jonghyun-kun next so do you have any message for him ?
Onew: I hope you will make more funny talk/stories. Please tell him! ^▽^

translation credit: winkme @ soompi shinee thread

"I'm not interested of deciding a game"

● Onew-kun said "Tell more funny talk/stories"
Did he really said that?! (laughs) Sometimes I think that I doesn't fit myself at variety shows. I really love variety but I can't make people laugh actively.

● Do you prefer cool duties more?
No, not really. Especially I don't think to make myself cool. I want to show my true-self. Frankly, I doesn't have the element to make fun.

● I see. You wrote the lyrics for "Juliette" before. It was really a passionate lyrics. Did you ever experienced that
kind of love?
I didn't...But I want to experience it. Romeo and Juliette were in love for several days right? they show their love through their risk of their lives, I want to experience that kind of love once in a lifetime....But I don't want to die (laugh)

● Besides music, What is Jonghyun-kun interested in?
Exercise. To keep myself in good care. If I don't have stamina, I can't do anything so health is really important...I realized this last year.

● What kind of exercise?
Generally I do push-ups, carry light dumbbells. If i have time, I'm thinking of going to a gym.

● How about Soccer or baseball?
I don't like sports that has rules and confrontation...Instead of that I prefer to make my body in good stamina.

● You're a pacifist
I think so. I'm not interested of deciding a game.

● Besides going to the gym if you have time, what other things would you like to do?
I think practicing piano. I was in a band during my high school days so I want to play the bass once again. I also want to get a driving license.

● What is your recent favorite CD?
Maxwell"s "Unplugged". I also listen to maroon 5.

● Please tell a message for Minho-kun.
Minho is appearing at "Dream Team" which is a physical game variety show so please take good care of yourself and don't make yourself injure!

translation credit: winkme @ soompi shinee thread

"If were just 5 together, were noisy and speak out loud."

● Do you love sports?
Yes. Generally I love sports. That's why I'm so happy when I got the chance to appear at "Dream Team". Of course it accumulates fatigue but when I win at the game, my stress will go away.

● Sports you especially love the most?
I think it's Soccer.

● Ah! You're father! (Professional soccer team Daejeon Citizen's ex-coach Chae Yoon Kyum)
Yes. That's one of the reason too.

● Is Minho-kun good too?
It's embarrassing to say this from myself but....Yes, I'm good (laugh)

● Do you have confidence?
I have. One of my dream is to become a soccer player.

● What position do you like?
Center Forward.

● How about making a team in SHINee?
Aaa...I think they are not interested unlike me. I'm sorry (laughs)

● Are you interested when there is going to have a Japan-Korea match?
I'm interested. Even I go somewhere, I will definitely see the match in the TV.

● It's good if SHINee will sing the ceremony song for the match.
If that will happen, it's really an honor. There is a chance that we could talk to the players.

● Can you tell us the songs that you're listening recently?
Musiq Soulchild's "On my radio" Album. Especially I love the song "If You Leave". The vocal and melody is the type I like.

● If I look at Minho-kun's image, you're really quiet but usually, what personality do you have?
Ummm...I think I have an ordinary personality (laughs). If you compare to the other members. I know that I looked like the most quite but if were just 5 together, were noisy and speak out loud.

● Really? Can you tell us something funny that make us laugh?

● Now, ready please.
......it's impossible (laughs)

● Sorry if I did something mean (laugh). Can you tell us a word that represents SHINee from your debut until now?
"Fortune". I think all the experience we did are "fortune".

● Tell a message for Taemin.
Do your best so that you can achieve your goals!

● What is Taemin's goal?
I don't know (laughs)

"There is no scary people (laughs), usually all of us get along well."

Taemin: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

●You're Japanese improved! Are there any Japanese words you learned?
Ai s h i t eru, Wakarima s h i t a, Itadakimasu, Sugoi, Ikuzo, and also Yamete! (laughs)

● Yamete?! (laughs)
I learned from watching the anime called "One Piece". Chopper said that (laughs)

● Is Taemin-kun a high school student?
Yes. I'm on my 2nd year.

● Do you really go to school regularly?
Of course I go!

● How about today?
I don't have a school today.

● Are you sure? (laughs)
Yes, I'm sure (laughs). I go to school well. Even I'm busy with my work, I go to school just to greet my teachers.

● You're great!!! by the way did you see Michael Jackson's "This is it?". I heard that you respect him a lot.
Of Course. Even he is old, I always thought that he is truly Michael Jackson. I'm so impressed of him. And also, I got a chance to see some parts that is not yet normally seen. My favorite choreographer appeared too so it's a study for me.

● Taemin-kun is the youngest in SHINee. Who is the most nicest from the 4 members ?
Taemin: All the 4 of them are my nice brothers. Onew hyung is the eldest and also the leader so he always worry about me and protects me.

● How about the scariest member ?
There is no scary people (laughs). Usually all of us get along well. Were too close that's why were in a trouble.

● You don't need to be in trouble.
No, But for example, When all of us gather together, were too noisy and give a person into trouble (laughs)

● I see (laughs). Does Taemin-kun sometimes feel depressed?
Almost No. I'm a type of person who thinks positively.

● Taemin-kun's face is always looking gentle.
Really?! (laughs)

● Yes (laughs). What CD are you listening recently?
Timbaland's "Shock value". This is my favorite from Timbaland. I listen to it when I'm practicing.

● Lastly, Please tell a message for Key-kun.
Recently, Key hyungs hair is getting dry and damaged so please get a treatment! (laughs)

"Actually I'm a bright and active person. I love to make people happy"

● When I saw Key-kun at the jacket cover of "2009, YEAR OF US, I was really shocked.
You're right. I was shocked also (laughs)

●I think it's kind of sexless...
Yes, because usually no male person who have this kind of hairstyle. I would like to try this uni-sexual image just for once. That's why I consult with my designer and chose this hairstyle.

● Oh yes, Taemin said "Please get a treatment" (laughs)
Ahahahaha (laughs) But if I don't get a treatment, my hair is really awful. I always dye my hair so it got damaged.

● The further I looked at you, so far your friendly image is opposite.
I feel that people see me having a cool image because of this hairstyle and make-up. Some of my older sunbaes didn't recognized me (laughs)

● You're already cool but you danced and imitate to perfume's song at the event.
I do (laughs). If I only show this cool image of mine, I'm sure some day the limit will come that's why I think of showing this cute side.

● A cool Key-kun and a comical Key-kun, Which is real?
Excluding this outfit and hairstyle, I think many people say that I'm more cool in appearance. But actually I'm a bright and active person. I love to make people happy.

● What is Key-kun's recommend CD?
KE$HA's "ANIMAL" Album. She's a new female singer in America. Anyway she's really cool. I recommend!

● How about J-POP?
I'm sorry, recently were too busy and I don't have time to listen...Ah! but I saw the drama "Ryusei no kizuna", It's really interesting!

● Japanese words you learned recently?
Medama totte iidesuka?

● What?!
I learned "Totte ii desuka? I put a noun and make good use of it and play it (laughs)

● What is a word that represents SHINee for 2 years.
I think it's "Study". At the beginning we didn't know what to do but we studied a lot and learned many things in 2 years.

● Please tell a message for Onew-kun.
From now on leader, Good luck!

translation credit: winkme @ soompi shinee forums

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