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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

!Kboom Magazine – May 2010 Special Issue, Tohoshinki

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Continuing on from the March and April 2010 Kboom issues, we’ll show everyone from when Tohoshinki began, up until the release of their best album. The truth is, from the beginning of last year, the editorial team already decided that we “will follow Tohoshinki’s movements and release three consecutive special editions”!

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[BEST SELECTION 2010] was released on 17 February 2010 and on the day before, on the 16th, upon arrival at the shops, they already held the record of another Oricon #1. They had a record number of 220,000 copies sold on the day of release and received their number one ranking. Not only that, less than a week of its release, the sales surpassed 410,000 copies and Tohoshinki rewrote the entire history of foreign artists in Japan.
In various shops, there were also special Tohoshinki counters on display and on the 16th, when the discs arrived at the shops, there were about 100 people queuing outside the shops. The streets were filled with Tohoshinki’s music and Tohoshinki was everywhere in Shibuya. The main attraction in Shibuya was the huge poster showing the 5 members. There were even Korean fans who made a special trip down just to see the advertisement with their own eyes.
Not only CD shops, but book shops also set up special, huge Tohoshinki counters and attracted large crowds of fans who wanted to take pictures. The sale of original Tohoshinki goods also caused the traffic flow at the shops to go through the roof. Each shop also had special packages for the best album and fans could be seen visiting different shops to grab copies of it. It seems like we won’t know when Tohoshinki’s popularity will fade. No, in future, their fans will just continue increasing.
Five in the Black @ My Humble House Tokyo
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Step by Step @ Minato Mirai 21
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Bolero @ Hotel Higashinihon
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Ilsan Cheese Pizza Shop
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Junsu’s parents own a pizza shop on the second level of [Rafestar] building in Ilsan. Once you arrive, the first thing that catches your eye is that the walls at the stairway from the first to second level is covered by fan’s graffiti. Korean, Japanese, Thai and other languages could be seen among the graffiti and you can’t helped but be impressed by the cute graffiti that is dedicated to Junsu and Tohoshinki.
Also, within the shop there is a huge glass wall and even though the area is a little small, it’s filled with pictures of Junsu. What was a greater gift to the visiting fans was that Junsu’s dad welcomes everyone with a smile. The fans who were there were also delighted by his warm welcome. On such a rare visit from Japan, I definitely won’t forget the photos I took with Junsu’s dad!
The shop also sells two of Junsu’s favourite pizzas, [BBQ Chicken] and [Raudobari], so be sure to try it! The seasoning for the chicken is really good and the [Raudobari] is filled with tofu. All the pizzas cost roughly KRW$20,000 each and their specialty is that all of it is made from the finest grade flour. What’s surprising about the flavours is that it includes soy bean paste, which seems to be a Korean favourite, and there’s a sweet aftertaste when you get to the crust.
Before leaving the shop, I made a pact with Junsu’s dad that we will take some time out to do an interview the next time I visit.
Cre Beau Boutique (owned by Junsu’s mother)
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Located near the pizza shop is the cosmetique boutique owned by Junsu’s mother. It was a little hard to find because it was located within an office building but I was reassured after getting clear instructions from the pizza shop.
Of course, the boutique is also decorated with large pictures of Junsu. Initially, Junsu used the Cre Beau products and it was hugely beneficial to his skin, so he introduced it to the other members, which resulted in Junsu’s mother operating her own boutique. Although I didn’t get to meet her in person, she comes to the boutique once daily, so if you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet her.
t/n: omitted description of cre beau items
Yunho’s filming location for [Heading to the Ground] @ [BHC Chicken]
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This chicken shop is located at a quiet corner of Ilsan. In the drama, Yunho got into trouble with the football club and had to pick up a temporary job; this is the location. The shop has Yunho’s signature framed up but there were not a lot of visiting fans because it’s a spot that is hard to find. When I went to visit it happened to be the time that school let out and it was so cute to see the children coming into the shop clutching money in their hands.
[O-Jung.Ban.Hap] filming location @ Seoul Plaza Hotel
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The Seoul Plaza Hotel was present in both the [O-Jung.Ban.Hap] MV and Yunho’s drama.
Time Out Gelato
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This might be more popular than the major ice cream chain stores. With an orange shop exterior and a cute interior, the shop is decorated with not too many of Yoochun’s pictures. Also commonly seen in Japan, the shop offers more than 10 different flavours of gelato, of which there is also Yoochun’s favourite – green apple! This sweet and sour flavour is not available in Japan and the price is as cheap as KRW$4,000. It’s perfect for the upcoming season.
Filming location for [Purple Line] near SM Entertainment
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This is one of the locations where [Purple Line] was filmed at; the road where Changmin walks on in the night scene. Another scene which depicts Yunho walking along the street is located right in front of a famous boutique near SM Entertainment.
Filming location for [Postman to Heaven] @ [Angel in us Coffee]
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This modern yet quaint coffee house is [Angel in us Coffee]. The interior of the shop is decorated with different kinds of mugs that were each signed by celebrities and they also sell cute original goods.
Of course, this was also the location where Jejung and Han Hyo Joo were sitting at the coffeehouse in [Postman to Heaven]. It’s a little different from the movie and it’s decorated with plants. Even so, one can sit at the same spot and imagine… Isn’t that a fun thing for a fan to do?
SM Entertainment
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The doors were closed because it was a Korean public holiday on the day I visited. Even so, I still went to look at the SM Entertainment building. It’s just like any other plain building. I wonder how many Japanese fans have visited…
[The hat he wore again...]
Everyone knows this right? The hat that Changmin wore in the Japanese version of [Rising Sun] had to be put on once again. It happens towards the end of the PV after Changmin’s “Ah….” The hat keeps falling forward and you can see Changmin struggling to pull it back. It makes one wonder, “Why didn’t they re-film that?”
[The amazing "polite speech"]
The Korean society has strict rules about seniority and respect. Even among the members, it exists. This is especially so for Changmin, who is two years younger than Yunho and Jejung. In Korean culture where one cannot be “friends” with each other even with only a year’s age difference, even now, Changmin still uses “polite speech” when he speaks to the other members in Korean.
[I'm the centre!]
This is something that happened during [O-Jung.Ban.Hap]. After Yunho’s solo dance portion, there is a hand that reaches out. Does it belong to a fan…? This hand belongs to no one but Changmin. Changmin was the one who told Yunho his placing after the dance solo by pushing his back. He is indeed the “strongest” Changmin, always able to calmly point out the correct placing. He must be the only one that can take on this role.
[I learnt to dance on my own]
Tohoshinki’s top dancer is Yunho, this is something that is also acknowledged by the other members. Yet, the fact is that he picked up all his dance moves by watching and practicing. He would watch the recorded videos of the dances as he practiced in front of a mirror and repeated practice on his own.
[Changmin who was unexpectedly muddle-headed]
This is something that happened during one of the Japanese fanmeetings. Changmin wore the wrong shoes and had to go around barefoot and wore the dancer’s shoes to rehearsal. There’s also a cute side to dependable Changmin.
[My hobby is watching "My Sassy Girl"]
It is commonly known that Yunho is a mega fan of Jeon Ji Hyun. During his trainee days, he would watch “My Sassy Girl” everyday before going to class. He must have been such a disturbance to Super Junior’s Heechul, whom he stayed with then.
[Originally tone deaf]
Jejung, who has such a wonderful voice, used to be tone deaf before his debut. He must have worked really hard, consulting his friends and joining the school’s band.
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