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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

!Japanese Fan Report – Yunho at Michael Jackson’s Memorial Concert 100330

An article from a Japanese blog
20100327 Report of Yunho’s performance, Yunho~~ You were cool~ seriously~
This is YELLOW, again in Seoul.
This time, BLUE is with me.
(T/N: There are three blog authors for this blog. Yellow, whose favorites are Yunho and Changmin, BLUE, who favors Junsu, and GREEN, who favors Yoochun)
Well~ we were on different planes. Oh, of course, we came to watch Yunochael~~ (T/N: abbreviation of Yunho+Michael.)
Seoul was~ really cold…today’s temperature went down to -1℃…unimaginable…
The concert would be held outdoors ~ they said it would start from 18:00, but it started from 19:00…
We were so cold we were about to collapse~~ come on!
They were holding the rehearsals until 17:45…
Unbelievable~~ did the organizers know the starting time?? I thought.
Well, we could wait and see the rehearsals,
but there seemed to be trouble with the acoustic systems…
I wanted to point out the faults here~~
Get with the program~~~~
Me, YELLOW, watched the movie “THIS IS IT” on the plane.
The original Michael Jackson’s stage preparation was great and beyond words.
So today, I thought that the venue preparation was not enough…
Michael was preparing for a great stage, and I really thought Michael was amazing,
Oh, Michael, why are you gone? I was so sad…
Well, lets go on with~~~ YunoChael!!
The pictures are from the credits~~ thank you very much.
The Cassies are doing a real good job with taking the pictures.
Please do not change or add anything, and please correctly credit them!
①Beat it!
White costume, low-cut shirt, sexy. Black leather trousers.
Yunho’s first song was this~
I was thinking “OH YUNHO~~~” so I could hardly remember anything~~~
He was really cool!!
Well~~ he was wearing a satin like shirt,
We were able to see his left shoulder~~ a bit
Yunho looked really sexy…
He was continuously dancing!
His hair style was light and fluffy, his bangs were set sideways~~
Oh, amorous, sexual charms.
He had his charismatic face with the wrinkles between his eyebrows.
He went to the lady guitar player and danced with her, appealing the guitar performance.
The wind was blowing from below, and together with the illumination, it looked so cool.
And, his dancing was full of high spirits.
He seemed to be thinner, or to say it correctly, his chest was mighty.
His chest out posture during dancing was, oh, very mighty, and I really felt his masculinity.
His chest was different from the chubby-like chest of before.
His silk-satin shirt is truly SEXY~~
Maybe he has too much makeup on, lol.
Oh, for his singing. It seemed as though he was singing lightly together with…
Yunho ~~~ you’re so cool ~~~ a sight to see…
②Smooth Criminal
Red shirt, black jacket, black hat with red line, black trousers
Really cool~~
This costume seemed like YunhoMichael ~
His feet were alert and agile~ his fingertips were cracking~
His face was full of charismatic charms~
And, the moonwalk like steps~ were really cool~
His hat dropped during his dancing,
but he picked it up nicely during his next movement, and put it back on in a good timing.
Since I am small in height, I could not see much of the lower part of the stage~~
What a pity…
And this costume was something, the red shirt was a sleeveless one.
When he raised his arms and posed, we could see his armpit~ (lol)
Oh, we could take a glimpse of his stomach, too ~ he was dancing passionately~
The buttons were there, but his movements were so heady, we can see his stomach~
Oh, I was checking his skin~~
In this song, maybe the microphone was set to minimum, or the back chorus was too loud. It was difficult to hear Yunho’s voice.
I thought…Oh Yunho, you’re really singing.
③They Don’t Care About US
White shirt, glittering silver skeleton bone buttons, gloves were also glittering in silver, black trousers with white lines

I really like this march-like image of the song ~
I really felt myself compelled to~ the movements of his hands ~
Crisp, CRISP~ there was a scene in Michael’s DVD, too. Oh, Yunho was so cool~~
He seemed to be the KING~
Yunho’s neckline was so beautiful~ his marching steps, tipping his neck to right and left~
was so cute, and his neckline was so sexy~ oh~ beyond words.
And~ maybe because he got thinner, when he had on his charismatic face with the wrinkles between his eyebrows,
you could hardly see any space between his eyebrows..
Maybe he was really thinner than before.
I think the next song was JAM…I forgot the title…
This song was a continued one from the previous song.
Yunho was in complex with each of the band members~
Of course, there was a scene with the guitar player back and back together, as if he himself was playing the guitar~
He was not performing by himself, he was in complex with the others, and he seemed to look so delighted~
His soft and smiling face between his charismatic face was~~
I couldn’t resist it~~~~!!!
He was so cute. Watching his smile, I was shouting kya~
But, this glove seemed to be~ maybe too big?
My friend said that Yunho tried to take off his gloves during the performance, but in vain.
Maybe he was swinging his hands too much? The gloves seemed loose and made me worry a bit (lol).
And, Yunho was trying to stir us up~
All the other performers were singing and talking in English.
We got used to hearing the English, so when Yunho suddenly said “once more” in Korean, it felt somewhat strange

Oh, Yunho raised a cry of triumph in a high voice “Fo~fo~” just like Michael, greatl!
Yunho, you’re really hot & cool!!
⑤ Thriller
White shirt, Black jacket, Black trousers with white line
Oh, this Thriller was something~
Together with the other dancers, Yunho was really like a zombie~
There was the place where he was pushed of his back and moved with them, and of course there was the creepy hand movement of the Thriller dance~
And, Yunho, good job~~~
After the song which he had on the hat, Yunho’s soft and fluffy hair was crushed a bit.
His bangs were first set to the right side, but now the bangs were crushed and seemed to be clinging to his face,
The bangs were on his eyes, and we cannot see his right eye~ kind of ~
Oh, that was a cool style, too.
OMG~ during Thriller, confetti filled the air for no special reason.
It’s the Korean style… too many confetti~~~
We couldn’t see him…
And the final greetings~
I first heard that there should be 7 songs, and I was counting them,
but the program finished short~~
Yunho talking, “Did you have fun?” was manly.
And when he introduced himself,
His greeting was “This is Uknow Yunho from THIS IS IT.”
Well, beforehand, when he said “from”, he continued the phrase “TVXQ”,
so there was a little bit sense of discomfort inside myself.
The concert finished with Yunho in the middle and everybody holding their hands together, and bowing~
Yunho, who was sharing high fives with everybody, was cool.
During the performance, there were little bits of stern look on his face, but he was smiling, too.
Every performer around him were foreigners~ they were blowing kisses to the audience.
Yunho was blowing kisses with both hands before he knew it,
and he seemed to be embarrassed, he smiled a big smile. So cute~
Quick as a flash, Yunho went backstage.
So fast.
He was so cool, after his performance…
I thought “Umm???? Did I watch Yunho just now??”
It seemed a dream world, not real.
I thought that the live stages are better than dramas.
Oh, Yunho dancing on stage is super cool!!
Well, I could hardly think of anything to report, but…
Yunho~~~good job~~
How did you feel, Changmin, who came to see the performance??? Please support your elder brother.
And, Changmin, please come back to the stage, too~~
Of course, as the 5 members, Tohoshinki.
I will go to watch the performance again tomorrow!!
I hear that there are leftover tickets for tomorrow, too…
Will everything be OK?
Good night~~!! Written by YELLOW!
Video Added:
Beat it

Smooth Criminal

Source: ~toko? wantebakk~ & haru860206@youtube
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


Song Yujun’s Blog Update 100329

T/N: Song Yujun, born March 1, 1969. Origin, Korea. He states himself as a culture broadcaster and entertainer. He appears in some Japanese CS programs as a commentator for Korean pops and drama related programs, and he is also a writer for some Japanese women’s magazines. He has been continuously trying to support Tohoshinki.
March 29, 2010 (11:52)
Yunho’s Dance was Perfect!
On the 27th and the 28th, a concert was held for the memorial to Jackson at the “YongSan, Seoul, The War Memorial of Korea”.
The concert was “A Tribute Band From Michael Jackson’s This Is It Movie and U“
Yunho participated in the concert!
I did not go there, but I heard that Yunho’s dancing was…
I heard that Yunho performed 5 songs.
The Korean media made strict comments for this stage.
For Yunho’s dancing, there were many praises, but the immaturity & inexperience of the organizer received a lot of media coverage.
On the 27th, the outdoors was very cold…
The stage started late, 1 hours and 20 minutes delay.
Yunho’s performance was changed from 7 to 5 songs.
The ticket was expensive…
Yunho, who had done his best, should be troubled by the poor procedures of the organizer.
Changmin arrived at the performance…
He seemed to have come to cheer and support Yunho.
I sincerely wish it would be natural…
that the 5 Tohoshinki members share the same hours,
same as the days in the past…

Source: Korean Entertainment Story  ~by Song
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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