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Monday, March 29, 2010

![Triple S] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun New message @ DSP ~ Hello (11:22:36 PM 2010-03-27)

English Translation:

Annyeonghashimnikka (Hello) (2010-03-27 11:22:36PM)
It’s been some time. This is Hyung Jun.
How has everyone been. I have been doing many of my individual activities very diversely, passing by each and every day joyfully
I worked hard for it. You can see our involvements in 2009 through DVDs, our performances on stage
From some time ago I already had begun imagining it, the form of performance that I managed to show to everyone is really good, this makes me happy
Whatever forms that we display to you all was always cared for and loved for no matter where it is shown at, because of the presence of all of you, it really makes me feel so happy that can die.

This heartwarming feeling, and for the sake of an amazing life that we shall live for, we will work hard for today too, and then again, we shall work harder for tomorrow.
Always pray that only enjoyable matters that will make you feel happy will happen to you, you can do it by yourself for that
Whichever it may be, whatever kind it may be, think of it that way. So similarly, if there is any matter that happened which made it hard on you, and makes you feel sad, don’t keep it inside yourself
Think of it positively, to make decisive decisions by emotions, such actions doesn’t seem very encouraged ne
Whatever it may be, the conclusion is~ All of us, we will certainly be happy ^-^
In future too, we would be together, always pray for that as well, and then, we shall work hard! Thank you yo~ Thank U yo Mai-girl (my girl)~
We would be returning with our amazing album soon~ ppappasing (emoticon-like word, to mean to say bye)! ^_^
Good night! kyokyokyokyok (laughing playfully)

Credit: www.dspenter.com

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