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Monday, March 29, 2010

!‘Loss of 38kg’ Outsider, “Is he unwell?”

Speed rapper Outsider draws attention to his sudden weight change.
Outsider was on SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate recently when he said, “After debut I was 90kg and I lost about 30kg.” and he revealed that for his recent new album, he lost about 8kg which makes it that he lost 38kg after debut.
With his recent features, many fans are concerned and voiced, “He is not feeling well”, “Like his lookalike Kim MyungMin who was on a severe diet, he looked like he is not feeling well.”

Outsider, “I went on diet to look good, there is no bad implications on my health. When I was working with MC Sniper hyung and Horan for Lee SeungHwa’s 8th album, when I went on portal sites to search there were questions from netizens if I had heart disease. The search keywords ‘Outsider heart disease’ was even up #1 on search portals and many friends had called to ask if I was alright. It was a fun incident. I will be on stage again with a healthy image.”

Currently, Outsider is promoting the song ‘Acquaintance’ off his 2.5 album.

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